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Our Community Ethos

The 2.Fallschirmjäger clan is an inclusive gaming community that places having a good time first and foremost.

We believe in treating everyone in our community equally and with respect.

Community Code

Our community is based around three simple rules that we expect everyone to follow

Don't prejudice others

Racism, homophobia or antisemitism is forbidden. Any such behaviour will result in instant, and permanent removal from all 2.FJg online platforms.

No toxic behaviour

Toxic behaviour – deliberately starting or escalating arguments, bullying others or victimising individuals is not welcome in our community. Treat others with respect, courtesy and patience.

Play fair and Legal

Don’t engage in illegal activity on our platforms - or encourage others to do so. Don’t use cheats, exploits or glitches when gaming or discuss their use with others.

Hell Let Loose Server Rules

In addition to our core Community Code, we have some additional rules in place for our Hell Let Loose game server.  These are in place to create a fair and level playing field for everyone who joins our server.

Officers must use a mic

Commanders and Officers are there to organise and lead the team. You must use your microphone to communicate with players. The command language is English.

Be prepared to leave a role if you cannot, or will not, communicate with your team.

No solo locked squads

Working as a team is the best way to experience Hell Let Loose. Therefore we don’t allow solo squads unless you're waiting on friends to join

Players in solo locked squads will be asked to unlock their squads.

No Team Killing

Intentional team killing cannot be justified or defended under any circumstances. Do not take action yourself - request an admin in game or via our Discord

Team killers can be expected to be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Do not camp HQs

Moving through an enemy HQ spawn, killing active enemy players as you do, is acceptable. Loitering in HQs, spawn killing and destroying empty vehicles is not.

HQ campers will be removed from our servers.

Enforcing our rules

We reserve the right to remove any individual, or group, from our platform(s) at any time.  We will, where appropriate, provide the opportunity for people to defend their actions and appeal a decision we have made.

2.Fallschirmjäger are part of a larger network of Hell Let Loose server owners.  We actively share information on players who have been suspected of cheating, or who have behaved below the standards which we expect. We act on information we receive and treat it with the same weight as if the activity was observed directly on our community.