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    • New Map Rotation!

      By MccSlayer, in News

      •  PAAS V1 Al Basrah un/in
      •  AAS V1 Gorodok ml/rs
      •  AAS V2 Kokan rs/in
      •  AAS V2 Fools Road rs/ml
      •  AAs V1 Logar Valley un/ml
      •  AAS V1 Sumari in/un
      •  AAS V2 Yehorivka ml/rs
      •  AAS V3 Fools Road un/rs
      •  AAS V1 First Light Ops ml/un
      •  AAS V1 Kokan un/in
      •  AAS V1 Yehorivka rs/un
      •  AAS V1 Fools Road rs/ml
      •  Invasion Al Basrah in/un


      Team 1 

      3 ml
      4 un
      4 rs
      2 in

      Team 2

      3 in 
      3 ml
      4 un
      3 rs

    • New Squad Server#1 Rotation 3/22/17

      By Bacnation, in News

      Similar to the last rotation with some of the freshly altered maps added in, thanks again @rob3r


      Sumari V3

      Fools V2

      Chora V1

      Yehorivka V1

      Kohat V1

      Logar V1

      Sumari V1

      Kokan V1

      Fools V3

      Chora V2

      Gorodok V2


      As always please let mention any bad spots in the rotation and all constructive feedback is appreciated.


    • Squad Server 1 New Rotation 3/6/17

      By Bacnation, in News

      Hey guys,

      We have a new Squad rotation (thanks @rob3r) for you all which goes as follows:

      • Sumari V3                  US-MIL
      • Fools Road  V2           MIL-RUS
      • Chora V1                    US-RUS
      • Yehorivka V1              RUS-US
      • Kohat V1                    US-RUS
      • Logar PAAS                 MIL-US
      • Sumari V1                   US-INS
      • Kokan V2                     INS-RUS
      • Fools Road Skirmish      RUS-US
      • Chora V2                     US-RUS
      • OP First Light V1           US-MIL


      We would love to hear any feedback you all have regarding the rotation and improvements that can be made for next week.  If there are issues that are urgent feel free to PM one of us so we can address them.


      Thanks all,


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