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    • New recruits for August

      By Dietl, in News

      Please welcome our newest recruits to the clan: Shaneyboy, Raze, AMPTS, MrGod2u and \S.T.O.R.M/ .


      Welcome to the clan guys, I look forward to playing with you.

    • New recruits for July

      By Dietl, in News

      Please welcome our two newest recruits to the clan, Syklair and Thomastheviking.

    • Teamspeak migration

      By Krunch, in News

      We are migrating our teamspeak server to a new datacenter. If you were using the IP address to connect to our server, you will need to change the teamspeak address to: ts.2fjgclan.com

      If you were already using the teamspeak URL instead of the IP, then you have nothing to do. Once the server is up you will be able to reconnect as usual.

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