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    • Developer Briefing #94 - New Engineer Satchel Charges!

      By bn.hall, in Hell Let Loose

      Hey everyone,

      Welcome to Developer Briefing #94!

      This week we have an explosive preview of something new coming to the game!

      Satchel Charges

      For a long time we’ve known that the Engineer role (among others) was at a distinct disadvantage when it came to battlefield functionality. Whilst the Engineer will have access to a broader array of tools introduced over the coming Updates, we wanted to focus today on the Satchel Charges, as it will form the backbone of the Saboteur aspect of the Engineer role.


      How do they work?

      The Satchel Charge is a huge explosive - one of the most powerful currently in the game. To use it, simply equip the charge and then select from one of three pre-set fuse time lengths - 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 120 seconds. Once the fuse time is set, place the charge in the desired location and run for cover!


      What are they used for?

      The best way to think of Satchel Charges is as an enormously powerful timed charge. It can be used to destroy vehicles - though the timed nature of the charge and relatively long placement time will make it a challenge to use in this way. It can also be used to clear buildings, strong points or fortified locations of infantry. The primary risk and reward is that only one can be carried by an Engineer at any time, as well as the longer placement time - balanced against a devastating explosion. Bear in mind that you’ll need to communicate the placement of the charge so that your team around you are aware of the imminent explosion.

      In addition to it’s raw destructive power against foes on the battlefield, Engineers will be receiving an overhaul for all deployables. To this end, Satchel Charges will be a key way for Engineers to demolish enemy battlefield emplacements and defenses.

      In the future, we’ll also be revising the way specific sectors are captured in Offensive mode. Part of this will be the introduction of objectives that need to be destroyed in order for the sector to be won. Satchel Charges are being introduced now to facilitate that in the future.

      There are still several larger design aspects that we’re deciding on - as well as the full future functionality. We’re going to be refining the concept further up to release of Update 8.


      See you next week!

      That concludes this week's Dev Brief!

      We hope this first look at some new explosive content coming to Hell Let Loose gets all of you engineers excited to you know... blow some stuff up!

      Also, yes, it isn't Jonno this week. Please be gentle!

      As always, have a great weekend everyone and we'll see you next week.

      See you on the frontline.

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