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    • Post Scriptum Will Be a Paid Mod Even Tho Its Unfinished

      By ShiaLaButtFuck, in News

      After messaging the Devs about the rampant rumor about Post Scriptum suddenly being a paid mod/standalone game I messaged them my distaste for this.
      They told many people and YouTubers who asked this, that this was under NDA and could not be discussed, yet the Devs said they've been upfront about this decision? I haven't personally heard a word from them, just other project volunteers, etc. This is fairly shady to me, but I'm hoping they turn this around for the community.
      Hopefully this post won't be removed from an Admin, I simply want the best for Squad and Post Scriptum, and ultimately the community, I don't want to cause any harm. Here are the screenshots below: (Sorry for bad grammar)
      In my opinion, this is extremely shady, if they marketed this as something other than free, or infer publicly that they would charge us, I'd have no problem supporting them, but with the sudden monetization of this, I will not be playing Post Scriptum. Express your distaste with your wallet people. I think the consensus or collective vision for Squad would be an open community driven game, and this simply doesn't fit that criteria in my opinion.

    • New Squad Server#1 Rotation 2/19/17

      By Bacnation, in News

      Hey guys,

      @Chi Rho Kin, @Yedric, and I have a new Squad rotation for you all which goes as follows:

      • Sumari AAS [v3]
      • Fool's Road [v2] 
      • Chora AAS [v2]
      • Kokan AAS [v1]
      • Yehorivka [v1]
      • Kohat [v1]
      • Logar Valley AAS [v1]
      • Fool's Road [Skirmish]
      • Chora AAS [v1]
      • Yehorivka [v2]
      • Kokan AAS [v2]


      We would love to hear any feedback you all have regarding the rotation and improvements that can be made for next week.  If there are issues that are urgent feel free to PM one of us so we can address them.


      Thanks all,


    • Squad Server Rules

      By Joyce / Chronic, in News

      2.FJg Squad Server Rules


      The Second Falschirmjaeger has always prided itself in running mature servers where the focus is always on the game. As such we do highly moderate our servers and have a few rules in order to keep the focus off of anything but the game at hand. It's a game, you're here to play, and we want to keep it as awesome an experience as we can possibly provide. To that end, we ask that you follow the following rules on our Squad server:

      1. Do not intentionally TK anyone, ever. Try to avoid friendly fire as much as possible, check your map.

      2. Avoid offensive language. It's a war game, we get it, but don't swear at people, insult people, or troll people. It is a game, not a chat room.

      3. Racism is an instant and permanent ban.

      4. Don't exploit glitches, don't cheat, and don't hack. Play the game the way it was meant to be played: fairly. This includes ghosting.

      5. Listen to all instructions from members at all times. Do not argue with them.

      6. Squad leaders must have and use microphones.

      7. Speaking of microphones, don't abuse them.

      8. Absolutely no recruiting or advertising for any clan, group, organization, website, business, activity, thing, or solicit any such recruiting or advertising. This should go without saying. You will be banned.

      That's it; eight rules guys. If you do find yourself being punished, all punishments may be appealed here:

      Admins may need to take special action against actions not listed, they will give you instructions before any action is taken. Listen to all member instructions.

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