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Found 4 results

  1. Okay first things first I want to thank you guys for hosting your servers because I enjoy them all the time and your admins are professional and pretty open minded and I enjoy them and they represent your clan very well. Keep it up guys. My name is Mike, I am 29 years old so don't think I am just some kid with a complaint or a troll please and I think that if you truly put yourselves into the shoes/picture I am trying to paint that most people would reasonably agree with me or at least see where I am coming from. Okay so we all know that squad is a team work based game with impressive immersion and an excellent system that creates the FOW (Fog Of War) very impressively and yet it still is a GAME and is fun. So with that in mind can I ask your clan leadership to maybe examine and implement a new policy when it comes to "admin messages or broadcasts" at the top of the screen? Here is why: I am using the mortar and I am hearing beeps from the vox, the explosions of near by ordinance, etc BUT I TEAM KILL on accident, but so much is going on, I do not even realize it. SO this creates a wave of confusion and "FOW" that is realistic, that requires communication by my team that needs to reach me to correct the situation and mortar fire... that is amazing and it's realistic as hell and its great. BUT I have noticed that even when admins are just trying to "help" they will broadcast on the very top of the thing in red bold letters "STOP THE TKING" or something.. Immediately making me mr Mortar guy go "well he is most likely talking about me" and I immediately stop... This is by far not the biggest problem, or even really a problem i would say, but it does effect the fog of war that the game has intended to be in the game. I have admin experience in other games, i am the leader of my clan now for 4 years running and I know how it is, you can not please everyone, you are bound to make mistakes etc. So since I highlighted the "issue" I feel obligated to at least offer what I personally see as either a compromise or "solution" and that being, maybe keep the admin messages purely "generic" similar to that of the rules that are repeating every 3-5 minutes via the punkbuster console, and if you need to highlight a rule and not necessarily a specific player that you just simply repeat the stated server rule that is being violated, that way there is less chance someone can gain any kind of tactical advantage from the information being provided.....
  2. The current rules for our Post Scriptum servers are as follows: No Racism, Homophobia, Antisemitism No Recruiting or Advertising (including discord invites and twitch links of streamers not supported by 2FJg) No Hacking, Glitching, or Exploiting broken game mechanics No Trolling, Political Discussions, or Harassment of other players No Intentional team killing No Ghosting No Misusing the Mobile Spawn Points (MSPs) No Hogging armor assets No Mic spamming Section Leaders and Commanders must have mics and speak English No impersonating [2.FJg] clan members We reserve the right to remove a player who is harming our servers in ways not listed above. If you have been banned from our servers you can appeal by going to: https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/forum/38-ban-appeals/
  3. CCCP

    CCCP Situation

    Hello Everyone, I have enjoyed 2Fg server/community since RO mod times. Mature and honest servers with admin support like no other. Until recently, I'm afraid. Admins and some regular clan members are unwilling or unable to stop the harassment against me that was organized by a player with nick Roomypants . I don't mind frank talks between SL even though sometimes diametrically opposite ideas are suggested. But what I don't appreciate when admins loose impartiality and do nothing to stop the breaking of the server rules. On numerous, occasions clan members were unable to stop verbal abuse and trolling from this player and some of his friends. In some cases, they would openly join the trolling. Stealing my squad vehicles, destroying FOBs, Opening Fire on my squad vehicles just enough to damage it without destroying it, generally distracting the gameplay. Couple days ago on the map Chora Roomypants and his friends organized 5 different squads all with the same name as mine. And that was fun, I get it but then I got kicked by the Admin for "Trolling" There were no warnings, admin didn't even try to figure out what happened. On another map Fools road my FOB was destroyed by Roomy's squad and admin didn't even warn this player. FOB was in use and in Play with build tickets, it was a team asset that was destroyed and not even a warning was issued. Never knew that this server uses "quod licet iovi non licet bovi" principle. If CCCP or any other players are unwelcomed on this server please let me know so I would stop wasting yours and my time but until then let's keep a fair play with 2Fg members leading by example. Have a good day, Hopefully, see you all on the battlefield soon. CCCP
  4. The rules for our Squad servers are as follows: No racism No recruiting, advertising, or impersonating [2.FJg] members No hacking, glitching, or exploiting broken game mechanics No trolling, political discussions, or harassment of other players No intentional team killing No mic spamming No ghosting Squad leaders must have mics and speak English *We reserve the right to remove a player who is harming our servers in ways not listed above.
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