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Team Speak 3 Phonetic Nickname

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How to announce your entry into a TS room and hear other players entering the a TS room.

In your TeamSpeak 3 panel:

1.Click "Bookmarks".

2.Click "Manage Bookmarks".

3.Click on the "2.FJg" server.

4.Click the "More" Tab.

5.Select "Default Text To Speech" from the Sound Pack pull down menu.

6.Enter your name as you wish it to me heard. No clan tags, ranks or symbols needed.

Click OK, close and reopen TS activate changes.


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To change the Phonetic name and hear how it sounds, use the "Set Phonetic Nickname" tab.

Your name may need to be broken into multiple words in order to sound correctly.

For example, to have "Icyman" sound correctly, I entered "Icy man".

Use the Play tab to preview.



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