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Patch 13 - PhysX & DX12 Foy Crashes Fix - Live Now!

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Hey everyone,

Patch 13 is now live!

Thank you all so much for your patience and feedback whilst we worked on this, it's greatly appreciated.

Check out the patch notes below:

Patch 13 Notes
  • PhysX Crash Fix
  • Fix for DX12 crashes on Foy

For those that didn't know, the PhysX crash could occur when body parts from two different dismembered bodies collided. Not the easiest thing to spot, but thanks to feedback such as "It occurred during a bombing run." and "I threw a grenade then crashed." the team were able to narrow things down, identify the problem and fix it! Also yes, this meant we spent copious amounts of time blowing each other up with tanks, grenades and bombing runs!

We're confident that the above are fixed and shouldn't cause you any further issues, however we will be watching closely to ensure the patch is working as intended.

A Message From Spono - Wilhelm Scream Wrap-up!

The response we have received for the Wilhelm submission has been astounding. The Team would like to issue a profound thank you to all those who took part. It can be a very daunting mission to record and put out your voice to be judged and we sincerely applaud everyone who has passed on their submissions regardless of the outcome.

This perfectly highlights the type of community we are grateful for, one that comes together to influence and shape the production of HLL.

The conclusion of this is still to be decided by the team as we further narrow down recent submissions from this past week. Not only have you provided us with a plethora of varied screams but you have also given us some ideas and direction to what we are really looking for in the future. Speaking of which, this may not be your last chance, despite the submission period coming to an end, based on the quality we have received so far we may run something like this again in the future.

Because of the nature of HLL with fairly long match times and the number of players in each game we will be using a fair few of your submissions to help keep the atmosphere varied. At present in game we only have a few death vocals that can become repetitive, these new additions will certainly spice things up. We will be reaching out within the next few weeks to notify everyone on the verdict of their submission, so make sure you keep those raw audio files handy.

The direction we wish to take dialogue in HLL is a more cinematic approach that fits with the gritty atmosphere. We will be looking for professional and talented voice actors in the future to voice the main bulk of the dialogue.

Once again we cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiasm over the last few weeks. We’ll wrap things up with another look at some courageous efforts submitted by members of the community.


Brown Sugar#3058



Stay tuned for the results,

We can’t wait to hear you on the Frontline.

See you tomorrow!

That wraps up this week's patch notes! We'll see you tomorrow for Developer Briefing #93.

See you on the frontline.

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