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Developer Briefing #91 - HLL Roadmap Update!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Dev Brief #91!

This week we're pleased to be sharing with you the updated roadmap for Hell Let Loose!

For the grand reveal, as well as some extra details on what the team are working on thanks to your feedback I'll be handing over today's brief to Lead Developer Max.


A Message From Max - New Roadmap!

Hi everyone,

We’re very excited this week to share our new roadmap with you as we lead up to Update 8. We also feel like the next update will be smaller and less content-rich in size - that is until we write down all the content to come. We hope you’re as excited about what will be coming in Update 8 as we are.

Update 8 is a great opportunity for us to fix broken gameloops (the redeploy Support loop) and vastly improve existing ones - such as the way that Supplies, Ammo and Engineer abilities work. As you’ll see there are also large amounts of map overhauls as we seek to bring each map to a universally optimised standard, as well as take them to the same level of visual and gameplay quality.

As always, for each feature you see on the roadmap, we’ll be accompanying it with a developer briefing to better explain it.

Updated Roadmap - Update 8


The Existing Crash

Many of you will be aware that the occurrence of what we’re calling the “Physx Crash” (the key crash you’re experiencing within the game currently) has meant that we’ve delayed our roadmap release while we find a fix as soon as possible.

As a result, we’ve taken the last couple of weeks to dig deep into it (involving largely working through the physics code in a very granular way) before sitting down to discuss the contents of the next update.

The good news is that we’ve found a 100% reproduction method for the crash, and that it occurs when two limbs from separate bodies collide after being dismembered. As you can imagine, it was not a fun task to deduce this - given the very little information being output from the engine despite all our logging.

We’re now working on a fix for this crash, and will constantly communicate about an ETA on when we will deploy this.

DX 12

While DX12 is not fully supported by Hell Let Loose yet, we’ve also got good news to share in that we’ve found a fix for Foy crashing for those with DX12 enabled. We’re aware of several other non-map related crashes for DX12 users, but we feel that fixing Foy will allow a much greater level of stability for the time being.

Where to now

Although the roadmap serves as a public declaration of our intent around short term development goals, we’re also hard at work behind the scenes on some as-yet unannounced content - both small and large.

As a dev team, we’re really excited about the future of all the content coming to Hell Let Loose and look forward to revealing more in the near future!

Upcoming Briefs

That wraps up this week's Dev Brief and Max's update!

As you can see there's a lot of new content on the way with Update 8 and we're really looking forward to sharing more details with you in our upcoming Developer Briefings!

If there's anything you're really keen to know more about, or have any questions about the new roadmap then let us know in the comments and on the forums.

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you on the frontline!

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