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Developer Briefing #83 - Animation Overhaul: FPP Edition!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #83!

Before we get stuck in we'd just like to say welcome to the new players that have joined us recently in the Steam Sale, we hope you're having a great time with Hell Let Loose - you've joined the frontline at a very exciting time for us.

This brings me on to today's Dev Brief, the First Person Perspective (FPP) Animation Overhaul Reveal!

Thanks again for everyone's patience whilst we prepared for this moment. To give you an in-depth look at what's coming in the near future Max and Spono have put together a walkthrough video for your viewing pleasure.

Over to you Max!


The Animation Overhaul: FPP Edition - Words from Max

Hi everyone,

Initially we weren’t quite sure how best to show you what we’ve been working on today, to fully explain all the changes under the hood - and then how it feels to play - would take the better part of a day.

Finally we settled on putting this video together in an effort to describe what you can expect in Update 7. In watching it, we realised we missed talking about several huge additional new features and changes. We’re going to try and produce another video next week to describe everything we missed, as well as dive into the TPP side of things too!

What you’re seeing today has been the product of months and months of work from our incredible animation team. Rick, Jacob, Niko, Roman and James have all done huge amounts of work and re-work to deliver the system you’ll see in the video. Like the ballistics system, it’s not something you’d usually do with a live game, and to manage to integrate this, as well as optimise it has been nothing short of an Herculean effort.





From all of us here at Black Matter, we’re so excited to let you get your (photoreal) hands on it so that you can truly experience it.



Finally, we want to apologise for our delay in releasing Update 7. Many issues arose that we felt could compromise the introduction of the new system, and so we decided that several weeks more worth of QA testing would be the best strategy for ensuring the best experience possible. That said, we failed to properly communicate that, and as such we’ll be making larger efforts in the future towards transparency. We'll have news on a firm release date for you in the rather near future.



We want to remind everyone that Hell Let Loose is still in Early Access. We still have a huge amount of optimisation to do, as well as continual bug fixes and the introduction of more content. We continually read feedback given to us across our channels - please keep contributing, as it’s very valuable for us as a team - Thank You!

Enjoy the video:



Next Week: Animation Overhaul: TPP Edition!

That wraps up this week's Developer Briefing!

We'd love to hear what you think of the FPP Animation Overhaul that we shared today, so let us know in the comments and over on the forums.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support - you, the community are the heart of Hell Let Loose! We look forward to taking you through the Third Person Animation Overhaul next week.

If you liked what you've seen today and are yet to join the battle, Hell Let Loose is currently 25% off in the Steam Summer Sale:


See you on the frontline!

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