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Developer Briefing #76 - Community Cosmetic Suggestions & Patch 11 Info!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 76!

This week we're sharing with you some news on: an upcoming patch, fixing server crashes, how Update 7's development is going and how we want YOUR suggestions for what customisation items you'd like to see in-game.

Let's get stuck in shall we.

Patch 11

We’re currently finalising the lock off for Patch 11. Patch 11 will sit between Update 6 and 7. It's designed to reduce the amount of server crash, and client crash issues that we’ve had reported since the release of Update 6.

In Patch 11, we also fix some low-risk key issues reported by the community in Update 6, as well as introduce some new customisation options and a new Offensive mode overlay for an existing map. We also introduce some optimisations.

Update 7

Things are full steam ahead as we work on Update 7. It’s an absolute beast of an update, and one we’re incredibly excited to release. At the moment we’re adding smaller touches to the animation system (eg. bespoke camera animations for reloads and gadgets/tools/meds), as well as working through any bugs.

In addition, we’re revisiting absolutely all connected areas of the game to make sure that we fix historically disliked aspects - such as MG deployment and vaulting/mantling. We’ll be revealing much more of it closer to the release date of Update 7 so watch this space.

Customisation - We want your suggestions!

As many of you will be aware, we’re in the continual process of adding new customisation options for you to use in battle.

We love seeing the community suggest different variants they'd like to see. This has led us to want to formally open up and collect all of your ideas.

Once we have a comprehensive list of them we’ll create a poll and open it up to a vote. The most voted options will then be prioritised for production. That's right, community customisation content - put forward by and voted for by you.

Please post your suggestions on the official HLL sub-reddit HERE


When suggesting a customisation option, please include:
  • As much picture reference as possible - with colour reference where possible.
  • Suggested roles (where necessary).
  • Rough time period of use.
Our intent with the customisation options for Hell Let Loose is to display the broad spectrum of appearances on the battlefield during World War Two. We do not mind offering rare uniforms or helmets, so long as they are grounded in reality and were present on the battlefield during the war. As such, please bear in mind that we won't consider:
  • Prototypes that never saw action.
  • Uniforms/helmets never used during the war itself (1 Sep 1939 – 2 Sep 1945).
  • Uniforms/helmets that would be considered highly improbable to see on the battlefield (like a soldier wearing a flight mask or a parade uniform).
Please note: We are currently deciding on a special uniform for our high tier Kickstarter backers. We will be releasing this in the coming months as we continue to fulfill the backer rewards.

Server Crashes

As mentioned earlier in the week, the server crash investigation is still ongoing. Although we are seeing a bit more server stability with reduced use of RCON, we are still investigating a critical crash that we are seeing in our log reports. So the more information we have, the easier it will be to narrow this down further, and we can then introduce the potential fixes.

So that being said, we are asking the community to join the punching bag servers again over the weekend.

We would like to thank the entire community for the effort so far in helping us with this, we thank all the server owners and admins for your patience as we continue to tackle this together!

If we can keep the following servers as full as possible as often as we can, by rejoining if they crash:


Black Matter and Team 17 would like to thank Team DIXX for the server administration, and the reporting of the crashes.

Something 'cool' to preview

Finally, we’re continuing our work across all maps - upgrading the visual quality, increasing micro-terrain, introducing new gameplay dynamics and working on optimisation. You can see the introduction of a small fighting position between West Bend and the N30 Highway, as well as some farming out-buildings.



Thanks to the entire HLL Community for the ongoing support and feedback, have a fantastic weekend!

See you on the frontline!

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