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20% Discount Live Now!

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Hey everyone,

We're just letting you know that Hell Let Loose is currently 20% off as part of the Team17 Publisher Sale!

If you've been waiting to join the frontline at a discounted price or looking to get your friends into the action now's a great time!

What's next?


We're closing in on Update 7 and we're incredibly excited for what's coming with it:
  • Full 1st & 3rd person animation overhaul
  • New firearm SFX
  • New urban map
  • Further optimisation & bug fixing
  • And more!

If you'd like to learn more about the Hell Let Loose community, come say hi / join a team or clan feel free to visit our Steam forums, Discord channel[discord.com] and sub-reddit - newcomers are more than welcome at all of these places.

You can find the Developer Team chatting in all of the above locations, we're all about listening to and engaging with our community as we journey through Early Access together.

Welcome to Hell Let Loose, we'll see you on the frontline.


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