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Hello From Finland

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Been playing Hell let loose on your server.

EOD Lieutenant and Counter IED instructor in real life (40yrs. old)
Have been leading platoons since 18yrs. 

Roster in games: 

EVE-Online Fleetcommander in 2012-2015 Band of brothers (FinFleet) leading 200+ plus battlegroups pvp in space "simulation"
also was head of recruit academy for a year
WWIIol -about 2 years in finnish group LAGUS some leadership roles
WOT - Finnish semipro clan Marski ½year

Play on GMT+2 timezone usually from 20pm - 01am allmost daily..

Can take harsh humour also.
As an leader i tend to be kinda strict with leadership communication and will say if leadership channel is missused. 

-I dont have lust for power but can take some if needed. Just want a fun games and to win.


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Hey bud, glad you found our servers. If you have any questions or need some help, contact our HR guys on our discord.

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