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First off, I am starting another contest (last time zero, ZERO people participated..) 




I am giving away a couple hundred dollars worth of ships!  These will all be game packages and will come with the game.  All you have to do is go to RobertSpaceIndustries.com Sign up using my referral code - if you can :P ( STAR-2LYW-33GY ) then apply to 2FJg org! (APPARENTLY YOU NEED THE GAME TO APPLY TO THE ORG, SO THIS PART OF THE CONTEST IS REDACTED)   This is for people who have not purchased the game yet.  The first person who does this and posts below automatically gets a ship!  The rest will be put into a drawing that will take place on December 3rd. 

Please make a post below stating that you have gone through the process and applied to the org!  Also, please mention the name of the person who referred you to this post as their contest relies on it!


For those who already own the game, your contest is just as easy.  All you have to do is to get the word out to at least one person about this contest.  Once they sign up let me know their name so I can confirm.  You will be entered into a separate raffle that ends the 4th as well.  




To those who have been on the fence about this game and want to try it out, now is the perfect time!  Now through December 4th is a free flight week.  All you have to do is have an account on their website (no purchase necessary) and you get to fly the latest build all week.  It's still in development, but get with a group of friends, and you can have a blast.

Every day there is a new set of ships that are apart of the free flight week.  Past Free flight weeks you would just get a starter ship, now you can fly every ship in the game on certain days.  (link below)




2948 Anniversary Special 

Each day of the event, a different ship maker (or makers in some cases) will be featured, with all of their wares available to you until the promotion's end on December fourth. 

November 23rd - Anvil Aerospace 
Complete your Hornet collection with that elusive F7C Wildfire, and stick around to see what new tricks Anvil has up its sleeve.

November 24th - Roberts Space Industries*
Exercise caution when checking out the recently released Constellation Phoenix. The interior is so plush you may never make it out of the bar. And there's a lot more to see.

November 25th - Origin Jumpworks*
The self-proclaimed "sexiest corporation in the 'verse" might surprise you this year with more versatile options on offer than ever before.

November 26th - Aegis Dynamics*
Guns, guns, guns! If it's hardcore ordnance your after, Aegis' full collection of heavily-armed bruisers has something to scratch your itchy trigger finger.

November 27th - Drake Interplanetary*
Word around the hangar is that Drake will be bringing their A game to the event this year. Power to the people, indeed.

November 28th - Exotics and Imports
The latest and greatest from Xi'an and Banu ship makers. And the meticulous craftsmanship of Esperia to boot.

November 29th - MISC*
Always wanted to expand your hauling empire with a full compliment of bulk transport hulls? If shipping and industry are your game, MISC is the name for you.

November 30th - New Manufacturers Showcase*
Check out the latest from relative newcomers CNOU and Tumbril, and stay for the best of the rest.


At the end of the sale, December 1st - 4th, starter ships go on sale (for discounted price) I will do the drawing before the last day so if anyone wanted to buy a cheaper game package, you won't miss out.  












Ammo Magnet


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Weird, next time I see you online, we will figure that out.  Until then, you can have your choice of a game package.


I have a Origin 100i starter ship (Origin is like the rolls Royce of the verse), Aurora + Squadron 42 (single player) combo pack, Mustang Alpha + single player combo pack, or an Anvil Arrow starter pack.  


Each ship below can be exchanged for a different ship (with added cost, of course) 


Mustang - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/mustang/Mustang-Alpha

The new mustangs look sexy as hell and has a decent cargo bay for running small amount of items. Comes with 72 month insurance.  COMES WITH THE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN 


Aurora - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/rsi-aurora/Aurora-MR

Aurora is going to be reworked, but currently is outpaced by the *new* mustang.  It used to be a bit better than the old mustang imo, so may be better after a rework.  Comes with 72 month insurance.



Origin 100i - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/origin-100/100i

This one is cool! Origin is like the rolls Royce or bently of the verse.   Very high quality materials.  Can run a small amount of cargo.  This ship is the only starter ship that has a RAM Hydrogen Air intake.  Meaning, it will refuel itself by just flying around so you won't have to keep flying to a fuel depot to keep refueling.  This allows longer mission times.  you can cheaply upgrade this ship to the 135c which is a bit slower than the 100i but has more cargo.  Great starter ship.  This bad boy comes with Lifetime insurances.  


Anvil Arrow - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/anvil-arrow/Arrow

This one is the most expensive package out of the group, but is NOT a great starter ship if your plans are to play by yourself as it's a stealth military fighter.  Has no cargo capacity or bed.  You will have to fly around doing missions, then fly back to a port, land and then find a bed to log out of; where as the ships above all have beds where you can log out anywhere in space.   If you plan on rolling with me a lot, then this can be a great starter as I have a carrier and you can just land this on it and log off. 


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3 hours ago, Joyce / Chronic said:

I signed up using your code. Now it's just a waiting game until the 3rd.

Yes the drawing will be early morning December 3rd.

Follow the instructions in the link and you can fly for free right now!



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Backed the game 6 years ago.... Have 6 ships myself... forgot game existed because you know.... its been 6 fucking years.... thanks @chrisroberts 


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On ‎11‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 4:12 PM, Demonstratus said:

Hey def put this on discord next time too I didn't even know with my PC being down! :(

Discord is for squares!  


I will next time, I will run this contest, or something similar, each year till the game is out!  This one was the most successful yet!

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