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Engineering mechanics findings

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So I have started doing my investigation of the engineering mechanics in game, I will compile all the information into one document but for now I thought I would share some interesting findings

first off all engineering trucks carry 1k Supplies, pretty standard

it should be noted that ALL squad leaders are capable of placing things as long as a truck is in range!



there are 3 stages to building, 

1: placed, shows as stakes in the ground

2: half, will show a half build item

3: operational, at this point the building is operational however it is important to keep digging till you can no longer, to ensure the structure has full health, this is especially true with obstacles and machine guns.

Machine Gun emplacements

Upgrading machine gun nests seems to be not worth the supply it costs, as the cost is equal or more than the machine gun itself! for example the Mg32 costs 200 CP while the upgrade of sandbags costs 300 CP! if  a gun needs to be protected then using the 50CP sandbags is a preferable method, however the German mg's due to their height may need to use the upgrade feature. in that case...

further investigation into German static MG's shows that the MG42 is the preferred emplacement as it is lower cost to upgrade (mg42 = 200+200 upgrade , mg32= 200+ 300 upgrade)  COST seems to be the only real determining factor between the two, as both machine guns are capable of 315-330 seconds of sustained (constant) fire, which is quite substantial.

as far as British emplacements go the Vickers HMG is the way to go, High sustainment of fire ,paired with its wide traverse angle makes it the top MG emplacement so far in game. as with the other emplacements it is preferable to place the low cost sandbags in front of it instead of using the upgrade.


these are pretty standard, never upgrade them



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