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MP Updates after clan meeting

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Quick rundown of changes from the MP department after the clan meeting 12/3/17.


  • New Discord ban appeal section, please do not respond to anything in that section.  That area is specifically for a person who has been banned, if you have relevant information send it to me in a PM.
  • New admin tier 3.  This admin level only has kick and broadcast through BattleMetrics.  This is the level any new admin will start at, it is also where inactive admins or admins who are misusing their power will be moved to.
  • We are also trying to tighten up general admin behavior.  Check the roster before banning someone with [2.FJg] tags, keep broadcasts looking professional, don't spam recruiting messages, don't ban for petty issues, etc... 


Mp guidelines were updated a couple months ago, please check out and sign if you are already an admin:


How to properly fill out a ban:



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