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WIP - Donbass Regional Airport

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This is the post ill be putting up on the squad forums to keep the progress updated. I decided I wanted to try mapping and I want to thank @TexasFury for getting me the height map. Id like all feedback or any ideas you guys may have. Thanks for any feedback <3

Name: Donbass Airport
Location: Eastern Europe
Size: 2x2km
Teams: Russian vs Mil, Mil vs Mil
Gameplay: AAS 
Description: This is my first attempt at mapping and I decided I wanted to do a map that I could switch to winter textures once I get my hands on them AND one where I could work on creating my own ruined structures. This will be a mix of close quarter engagements in and around my eventual 3 floor airport terminal and combat in thick woodland around the industrial and village sectors of the map. All feedback is welcome as I am just learning and getting torn up only makes me better ;).

Source Photo

Basic Road Layout 

End Of Day 1 / Learning Foliage Tool

Misc Screenshots

I will be updating this post every few days / after I put a few hours into parts of the map. 

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