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The future of transportation

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The Future of Transportation

A deeper look into personal rotary-wing airplanes


       It all began on a steamy night in the year 1489.  Leonardo da Caprio awoke in cold sweat stupefied by a vision of man and rotary-wing airplane. Carefully circumventing his well hung boy lover, he tip toed to the drafting table, establishing what will be the future of transportation.

       da Caprio's Air Screw

       Centuries have passed since da Caprio's avant-garde approach to transportation; however, there had been no interest from the common rabble.  The thought of piercing the sky in a personal, gyrating cockpit was too progressive for their intolerant minds.  Thankfully, the current year is 20XX and people are much more educated and tolerant of the idea.



       The only thing hard about flying one of these bad boys is the pilot them self.  It takes real bravery to come out and take to the skies for the first time but thankfully flying a rotary-wing airplane is simpler than gobbling bratwurst in one go.

       There are three main controls:  the cyclic-pitch lever, collective-pitch lever, and the foot pedals.  The cyclic-pitch lever, or "joystick," comes out of the floor of the cockpit and sits between the pilot's legs, enabling a person to tilt the airplane side to side or forwards and backwards by pointing it the direction you want it to go.  The collective-pitch lever controls the pitch of the rotor blades and by giving it a firm grip and gentle tug, it can go either up or down.  The foot pedals controls the tail rotor allowing you control of which direction the airplane will face.The inside of my cockpit

here is a demonstration of it at work:

The ease of the controls, the trendiness, and progressiveness will make this the future of transportation.  Deal with it bigots B^)


*EDIT:  The term "helicopter" used in photograph 2 is archaic and the preferred noun is "rotary-wing airplane"

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You got your facts jumbled.  King Arthur build the helichopper in the year 1000 BC.  I'd take the time to inform you about your errors but I think it would just be faster to watch the documentary Monty Python and The Holy Grail.


Arthur's resourcefulness was illustrative of advanced Chinese engineering as early as the Mesozoic era, beginning with bio-engineering feats such as the Tyrannosaurus Lex-Luther, among others.

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