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Squad Ops requesting friendly scrim

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Greetings. I've been tasked with getting a few friendly matches up and going with some people who can shoot back us. Our last game seemed to have gone well, so I'm writing to ask if you guys would like, and be available to, host another one. Unfortunately, we still do not have an available server to be able to host the game ourselves, and our members' general availability pretty much dictates that matches need to happen around 2300 UTC on a friday, or 1800 UTC on a saturday. However, with enough time to talk to people, we might be able to get enough of them to participate at some other time. If your clan is inclined to make this happen again, maybe a small 12v12, or even 18v18 if we schedule things with a week or so in advance, please contact me, either via PM on these forums, or on Discord (or this thread, of course, I don't know how you usually go about doing this). We would love to be able to play with you guys again. Cheers!

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