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Recruitment into the 2nd Fallschirmjäger Division

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Anyone wishing to be recruited into the 2nd Fallschirmjäger Division, needs to be active both on our server and in TS and have been an active Volk for at least 2 weeks. We do not recruit people who have been on our ts for a couple of weeks. You need to show us you're going to be around for a long time. We like to take time to get to know or pubs and Volks and bring in those that wish to join and those that have shown to be good members of our community.

To be considered for recruitment, you must be of at least 18 years of age(exceptions will be made for those that have shown a maturity above that of their age). You must be able to pay membership dues, to help pay for the cost of running the server, TS and website. You must be willing to go through our three-month recruitment period. In which they will be required to use a bolt-action rifle for the first three weeks of each month(the last week recruits are allowed to use any weapon/class).


To find the recruit application click on the Apply button on the bar in the top right of the forums. Only Volks will see the application in there. If you're not a Volk, you will just see the Volk application form.

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