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Auto-Connect & How to Add Our Squad Server to Your favorites!

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We have all felt the pain pain of having to scroll up and down endlessly on Squad trying to find the right server to connect to. Well the good news now is that there is an easier way to go about connecting to servers now! The in-game search functions are still limited but the developers have added Steam Server Browser support to the game which will enable players to connect through Steam rather than from Squad's lackluster in-game tools.


Option 1:

With Steam open, hit the "View" button at the top, then click "Servers". Open up the favorites tab and add the following IPs:


[2.FJg] Server 1:

[2.FJg] Server 2:

[2.FJg] Server 3:

[2.FJg] Server 4:

[2.FJg] Server 5:

[2.FJg] Server 6:


Option 2:

With Steam open hit the "View" button at the top, then click "Servers". At the bottom left find Squad on the pull down list and then search for the servers you want, and then right click to add them to your favorites list!



Right click on the server you are having trouble connecting to and select "View server info". There is a button at the bottom (not always available, it's a Steam thing) that allows you to auto-connect to full servers.*



*There will still be a wait for a slot to open, so this does not mean it will be instantaneous.

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