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Sumari Bala
A much denser and more claustrophobic map, Sumari Bala is a literal maze of slums, market complexes and alleyways designed to confuse and disorient ill-prepared squads. This too is taking shape and will undergo many more changes as development on this map continues.









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Fools Road
A huge graphical overhaul of the lighting and eastern european foliage has seen this map mature in ways we could not have fathomed within the engine. The addition of a brand new set of train and rail-related statics, bunker/trench systems and other decoration has made Fools Road a definite milestone in developing the look for our other theatre of war.








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Jensens (Training) Range
This fun little range has seen a number of interesting additions to the standard pop-up targets, namely with the creation of two different kinds of arenas designed to test a Squads skill at close quarter battle.





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In addition to the above additions and more systemic changes, below is a changelog of a few other additions that Squad has undergone over the past month.
  • Finalised moving Squad to Steam
  • When you leave a squad no longer lets you keep your kit
  • Added new systems to edit color of statics, increasing color variety on maps.
  • Added lean limits, players can no longer lean into walls
  • All weapons now have a 2x non-ADS recoil multiplier
  • Various UI tweaks and UI animation edits
  • Sorted Kit Roles into different categories to better reflect what kind of kit they are
  • Added MP443, AKM GP25, AKS74, RPK74, M4 with old-style hand guard and burst function, RPG w/ HEAT rocket


And thats all folks, dont forget that Pre-Purchasing will be ending very soon, on the 30th of November. So if you want to save some coin, now is the time.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in the field this 15th of December!
Offworld Out.

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Hi everybody,


Hang tight, this is sort of a blog format, so I will try to highlight the important bits for those not interested in the details.


I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about a new kit restriction system that we have been setting up over the last few days.

Normally you would see something along the lines of "Added kit limitation system, with player scaling" in the change log, and that would be it.


In this case we feel that you may miss a couple of the finer details and possibilities this may offer, so - story time!


Let me run through some of the basic details of what was done and why, then followed by some of the things that it allows us to fine tune a bit better at this stage of the game!


Consider this the TL:DR section


Keep in mind that values are subject to change before next patch. I'll try to keep them updated if any changes happen.


  • Special/limited kits now become available once a minimum amount of players are present in your squad.
  • Some of these kits availability now scale with how many people there are in your squad.
  • Some of these kits are now globally restricted. Meaning that not all squads will have the possibility of having these kits.
  • Globally restricted kits also scale with server (team) population.
  • The scaling and minimum limits for kits now allow us to give diversity in choices for certain classes depending on how we want to portray the particular faction.
  • The scaling and minimum limits also give us the chance to reward bigger player numbers in each squad. Larger squads = access to more gear.
  • NEW: We are currently adding a feature where you will have a maximum number of "special" kits so the entire squad isn't filled with LAT's and UGL's - choices will have to be made.
  • NEW: There is now a limit of 4 "squad fire support" kits per squad. These are your Light Machine Guns, Light Anti Tank and Grenadier slots. Pick your squad's purpose!
  • NEW: When you leave a squad, and if you had any kind of special kit, you will immediately change kits to a "recruit" kit, that only has a basic weapon, bandages and a shovel. Number of bandages and ammo is transferred from the kit you came from.

If our time on these forums have taught us anything, it is that there will be loads of questions about why certain decisions were made.

Instead of discussing every little detail, let me paint the broad strokes that the changes above encapsulate:



  • We want to discourage lone wolf behavior. So creating a new squad won't really get you much fancy gear, optics, 1337 sniperz or rocket launchers.
  • We want to encourage the formation of bigger squads, by both rewarding the SL and the squad members with more options and available kit. The reason being that the more people. there are in your squad, the greater the chance of people accidentally sticking together AND will be able to hear communication - hopefully giving incentive to talk back.
  • We want to have certain factions be more diverse and have the ability to utilize different tactics (stick around for the militia bit!).
  • We want to be able to use as much of our content as possible to give the game depth and replayability.

Common denominator? - The release on Steam and mass exposure. We are trying our very best to get new people started smoothly on the steep learning curve.




We cannot do this alone. You have all had the chance, as founders, to get in game and learn the ropes. The game and us developers need you guys to pass on the knowledge, be patient and open minded for as long as you can help us with it.

The more people we get converted to the play style you want, the better for the game, both short term and long term. Both for us, and for you!

We know it will be a challenge.

We promise to do the best we can to provide you with willing, eager and inquisitive squad members, the rest is up to the community as a whole.


And yes, some of these changes are temporary, some of the restrictions and choices were made to deal with the large influx of new players. Don't expect any info in this thread to be final.


Preaching over. 




Here are a couple of examples of how a 1 man squad looks, and how an 8 man squad looks. I've provided two examples so you can see that each faction is structured differently - because they play differently!


Russian 1 man vs. 8 man squad options (keep in mind that it scales up gradually):



Same story. Militia 1 man squad and 8 man squad options:




Let's get down and dirty and look at some examples of what you can get your hands on, and how to get them!


Let us start with a hot topic on the forums. The SVD.



The SVD is now a team restricted kit, meaning that there can only be a certain amount of them on the field.


It now has the following restrictions:

  • Minimum 5 players in the squad
  • Minimum 10 players on your team
  • For every additional 10 players on your team, another SVD/Marksman kit is available


  • Minimum 2 players in a squad
  • Kit limit is upped to 2 medics per squad when there are 6 players


  • Minimum 4 players in a squad
  • Kit limit is upped to 2 of these classes per squad when there are 8 players



Now comes the fun part!!!


  • US Squad Leader's now get a second kit choice when there are 6 man in the squad. You now have the option of having an ACOG optic on your M4 instead of the Aimpoint
  • Insurgents starts getting RPG kits available at 3 players per squad, and scales to 2 at 6 players. Note that Insurgents no longer has a Grenadier kit at all, but can have lots of "hunter killer RPG teams" wink.png
  • Insurgents AND Militia's 2nd LMG choice is a different weapon! INS has RPK at 4, and RPK74 at 8. MIL has RPK74 at 4 and ironsights M249 at 8.
  • Militia has 2 SL kits available from the start. AK74 or M4 (Not M4A1), additionally there are 2 limited M4's available from 1 man and up. (hint: firing your AK74 or M4 behind enemy lines may not be a dead giveaway for your enemies... Know your enemy!).
  • Militia has 2 different Grenadier kits. At 4 members it is an AKM+GP25 and at 8 it is an AK74+GP25

Again, some of you could easily knee jerk react to this and go "so many kits available! over powered ect.", but this is only really the case in bigger squads, and in this case it is up to your SL to guide the selection of kits to suit the strategy and playstyle you will be going for.


It is still possible to play as small squads to great effect. Especially Militia and Insurgents, were you can infiltrate and engage US or Russian forces in their territory without your gun sounds giving you away OR as smaller hit and run RPG teams.


There are many choices to make, and they are all yours (soon)!

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Yes there is. By all means watch instructional videos, it helps a lot. And grab one of us who has it if you see us playing something.

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looks like I will start playing again. I generally dont play in the summer as I spend any free time working on bikes in my garage. Now winter is back I've been playing around with a PS4 I got for free. Was pretty bored with RO2. Looking around on Steam to see if anything new/interesting and I find Squad. Looks brilliant. Going to purchase and its great the Clan is active in it. 



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That interview has confirmed my worst fear (as a vet). There will be no BRRRRRRT :(


This game needs some BRRRRRRRRRRT along with some BRRRRRRT and maybe even some BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT



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March 2016
Mar 30, 2016
Lousy Squmarch weather..


Hi Squaddies,
We hope that you all are enjoying the latest V5 release, keeping in mind that we always have a zillion things going on in the background. And it's the purpose of this monthly recap to go over whats been happening behind the scenes and in the world of Squad development in the past month of March!
NetMove, our generic networked movement system that we've built to support vehicle movement, is now functional. NetMove removes the heavy calculations from the clients and only requires the clients to calculate their own movement, not everyone elses as well.
So for the server and the clients you will see movement taking up less CPU. What about network? We have also optimized the network side. We group movements together, added interpolation and only send data when we need to on a client by client basis. Instead of the old system that sent data to all the clients all the time.

We will be slowly rolling out NetMove across the game objects, making Emplaced weapons, Vehicles and more optimised Soldiers possible.

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Dynamic Reflection with Audio
Anders is currently working on a new feature called (in squad terms) Dynamic Reflection. This means that in the environment we can designate spaces to play different sets of sounds to fit the specific surroundings you are in. This feature will apply mainly to weapon fire and explosion sounds. The fire sounds will not use engine reverb effects anymore (as in buildings), but specially recorded sounds from the real world locations to reach even more levels of audio realism. Previously we have only used one sound per weapon on all locations in the environment.
Epic also have put some energy into the Sound Engine in for Unreal 4.11 which we will take advantage of. Two cool features that are included in 4.11 are sound occlusion and stereo spatialization.
Anders has put together an example, using a typical forest location (meaning a lot of trees surrounding the sound source).


Sound occlusion mean that if an object is blocking a soundsource from the listener it can become more silent and muffled. Great for many sounds ingame. Like a vehicle driving past a building or if someone is running around inside a building, the listener outside wont hear him that clearly.
Stereo spatialization is an awesome feature. You can make a stereo sound act like 2 channels or 1 channel (mono) depending on how far you are from the sound source. Example. Step into a waterfall and youll hear the sound all around you. Go further away and you can locate the source easily as it will function as a positional mono sound.

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Environment-Sensitive Explosion Effects Update
Lead visual effects artist Bruno along with lead programmer Kory have taken our explosion shockwave system to the next level. They introduced intelligent traces that detect different materials while an explosion happens. This gives us a much more organic blasts with lots of diversity. Take a look at this footage, and pay attention to the environments reaction to the explosions.

Foliage Interactivity
As a continuation to our update with moveable foliage we have started the process of adding sounds based interactions as well. Our end goal is that soldiers will be able to both hear and see an enemy creeping up on them through all forms of foliage.

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Tunnel Updates

Our environment artist Drav has been working hard on our modular tunnel systems, adding more components and details to the overall package. Case in point Mapper Tonto has been constructing a much more elaborate system running under Fools Road that should really add some heart pumping CQB action to the map.





Work has started on a new Russian vehicle, this time is the BTR-80 8x8 wheeled amphibious APC! This current iteration will tout a 14.5mm KPVT heavy machine gun along with a 7.62mm PKT Co-axial machine gun for some light fire support, in addition to being able to ferry men and ammo to the front, much like what we have planned for other armoured personnel carriers.



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US Soldier Progress
More progress has been done on the US Army soldier model since last time we reported on it. We're edging very close to the stage where we can start creating variants on the different body parts like the sleeves, pouches, helmet and backpacks, in order to create that distinction between different kit roles.
Photogrammetry & Terrain Improvements
Our lead environment artist has been getting into photogrammetry and scanning in order to get greater fidelity with our environment and terrain texture assets. Simply put, the process involves taking multiple hi-res images of the object/surface from multiple angles and stitching all that data together in order to get a three dimensional object.


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Sumari Bala
Slated for next release, Sumari Bala is in the final stages of its expansion. Feast your eyes on how much it has grown!
Further work has been done on the enormous task of set-dressing a map which is a total of 8km^2 in size. While there is still lots of ground to be covered, progress has been steady since its inception. With this map we are trying to strike a good balance between cover for infantry and open space for vehicles. Yehorivka will offer lots of opportunities for true combined arms warfare.
Based on a real-world location, south east of Krasnyy Luch, Ukraine, we're using satellite data along with photographic reference to represent this area as true-to-life as possible.

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Chora Valley
Chora continues to grow in complexity and as the ends of the valley get filled up we have begun to rough in some surrounding hills and also started detail passes in the compounds and surrounding grounds. Chora is planned to be retrofitted with the interactive foliage within this development cycle as well. Lots to come yet for Chora!


We hope ya'll enjoyed this months recap, and please stay tuned to the website and forums for more in Squad development!
Offworld Out.

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Monthly Recap
May 2016


The Wheels of Squad are turning!

Hi Squaddies,
Hot on the heels of V6, it's time for the Monthly Recap! While most of the month was dedicated to working on the Alpha V6 release, there was still work going on that is in preparation for much further down the track. It's in these recaps where we gather and explain all that has happened behind the scenes during the month that has passed.



Now that the Emplacements milestone has been hit, we are concentrating all our efforts to bring Vehicles into the following version (V7) of the Alpha. Just to recap the vehicles that are production ready are as pictured below, the US Army Humvee; US Army M939 Truck, Insurgent Technical; Russian BTR-80 configured with a 14.5mm KPVT turret and finally the Ural 375D truck used by Russian and Militia forces. Our current plan involves preparing the above vehicles for upcoming major Alpha updates.
Our artists are hard at work crafting the animations, effects, sounds and gameplay systems needed to finally bring Vehicles to the fray.



Apartment Blocks

Our talented artists have been hard at work creating a new multi-storey apartment block that will be used in most Eastern European maps. Taking inspiration and references from real life, we're expecting this set to really add to not only the immersion factor of our maps but also present a real awesome tactical challenge to Squads entering urban combat operations. As you can see it's still a heavy work in progress with many assets still in progress, but its development over such a short amount of time has been very encouraging.

SKS Rifle

Switching gears to weapons, a new weapon previously unseen but has been in the works is the SKS, a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62x39mm round (same round as the AKM). Loaded by 10-round stripper clips, while it lacks the automatic firepower of its more modern assault rifle counterparts, it makes up for with a slightly higher muzzle velocity and better weapon stability.

PPSH41 Submachine Gun

While we're still on weapons, the PPSH41 showed up in a previous recap months ago, we apologise for the amount of time it's taken to show this iconic Soviet era weapon again but as we're pushing more weapons through the pipeline, the more we can show off! Animation is one of the last stages before final implementation into the game from the art department, so expect this weapon to be in a future Alpha version.

TT33 Pistol

Another weapon aimed at militia and insurgent forces is the TT33 pistol. Designed to supplement the already implemented Makarov, it fires the larger 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol round and has more theoretical stopping power than the Makarov.




More progress has been made on Yehorivka, and it is looking fabulous with its big wide open expanses and lakes.

Modding Community

Before we sign off we'd like to do a little showcase of the work thats going on in the Squad Modding scene! With the soft launch of the SDK last month, many budding artists and modders have banded together and started creating some very interesting projects within the engine. Presenting this little corner is Squads Modding Community leader, Zeno.

Squad Modding Hub

The Squad Community Modding Hub was created by Zeno(me) and Mitsu back in late december last year. This was a push from us, to create a common ground for all modders in the Squad family, regardless of project size and previous experience. This resulted in a Discord server, that serves as a gathering point for everyone that seek to make squad greater (again)! Originally we consisted of a handful of dedicated modders with widely ranging skillsets, from industry professionals to people who had never touched a game editor before. But as Squad is growing, so are we as a modding community, and the Squad Modding Hub now consist of 1000+ members, all eager to see what the future will bring for Squad Modding.
The main goal for us is to provide the best possible assistance and experience for people who wish to explore and expand Squad as a game. We will work to promote modding and mods, create tutorials and guidelines, assist with troubleshooting and testing, and in general be a great place to hang around.
So if you are a person who really wish to have an impact on the future of Squad, by creating the changes and content that will take this game to a whole new level, Join us today!
Co-creator of Squad Modding Hub
Squad Modding Hub on Discord: www.discord.me/SquadModdingHub
Heres a small snippet of what the community has been working on!
For more information, the modding community also releases a monthly newsletter called The Wrench, which you can find in the modding section of the forums HERE.
We hope you all enjoyed this month's recap, it's going to even MORE busy here at Offworld Industries as we grind away at getting Vehicles finally into the game!

Offworld Out.

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Normandy map at the bottom :wub:. Modders working on maps and weapons is going to make this game explode. Such a fucking buzz for this game now:D.

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