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What kind of bird are you flying? Share your ships.

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7 hours ago, seaofserenity said:

i have an aurora mr right now, looking on saving up for a bigger ship. go big or go home!!

i went big and didn't go home! More to come on Friday..

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3 hours ago, Krunch said:

To orion or not to orion... hmmm...

Do it! I'm buying the prospector today. Orion wont be able to mine on planet.


I may or may not have bought a Polaris...

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So.. Here's my entire ship line up now.  There is one more day of the sale and I will be buying the Herald and maybe the concept ship that is not announced yet (until tomorrow).  Depends on how cool it is.  I will be adding the Herald below.  they are somewhat in order by size.. Capital ships are top three, with Pioneer being the largest and probably most profitable.   If drake comes out with a capital ship I can't pass up on.. That may be added to the list.  Eventually, there will be ship sharing within organizations.. Which is why I got a shit ton of ships so we don't get held back with profiteering.  Also, if you're considering buying a large ship but don't know what to get and want a gun boat.  The clan could always use a patrol/search and destroy ship that is the hammerhead.  I almost bought the Idris over the Polaris.. But the Idris is a big ship that has a HIGH running cost.. Same with Polaris, but not as bad.  Not to mention it was 600 dollars more for the ship and I've already spent way too much/got carried away lol


Will start off with our org's flagship/combat capital ship/bird of prey

Robert Space Industries - Polaris (60 month insurance)

Consolidated Outlander - Pioneer (Lifetime insurance)

Banu - Merchantman 

Robert Space Industries- Constellation Andromeda 
Drake - Cutlass Blue 

MISC - prospector

Drake - Herald data runner

Anvil - Terrapin
Aegis - Sabre Raven


Tumblir - Cyclone Base
Tumblir - Cyclone TR 

Drake - Dragonfly Black
Robert Space Industries - USRA Rover
X1 Force


2.FJg - Industrial Park (cargo loading/unloading, mining/mining facility, refinery etc) 8km x 8km Land claim

2.FJg - HeadQuarters (spawning outpost, habitat area, chill area, hangers, etc) 4km x 4km Land Claim



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It had been so long since I logged in to that not-yet-a-game, I had forgotten which ships I had.

Turns out I have a Cutlass(black) and an Avenger Stalker.

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HEY GUYS! Been a Star Citizen backer for 4 years now. I made a small picture of the stuff in my hanger. Hope we can all get together some time to fly together. 




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