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Guide to Helping us Ban Hackers/Make a Recording in RO2

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There have been some recent complaints about hackers in our servers lately, so I thought I'd make a post to let you know the proper way to inform us of hackers. This function is built into RO2, and is really easy to use, so anyone can do it. If you suspect anyone of hacking, or griefing, you can simply do this, and it will make everyone's lives easier. Keep in mind, this does not record voice, only text in chat, and a demo of everyone's play on the server.


  1. Hit the tilde or the "~" key to open the console.
  2. Type "demorec <insert a filename>"
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\<yournamehere>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Demos
  4. Upload to our "Red Orchestra 2" Section on our forums.

To stop recording type "demostop", and to watch your recording type "demoplay <filename>".


Without demos we can't just ban people, so, that's it! It's that easy, thanks for helping us out, and this should clear up some hacking accusations!

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