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Found 25 results

  1. A few days back I created a poll concerning which map layers should be put into the rotation on our server, and posted this poll in the Squad section of our Discord. This was intended to get a feel for the maps that the community would most like to see played, so that a rotation could be created that would appeal to a majority of players. Since that time I have posted multiple broadcasts in our NA Squad server, notifying people about this poll. Aside from when Roomypants posted about the poll in his own Discord, and the subsequent spike in votes that resulted from that, there has been no turnout for this poll. While Roomypants' group is a part of the community and their opinions are just as valid as anyone else's, it would be a good idea to get a more varied sample size. This is why I will be extending the poll for another week, and instead of ending on 27FEB2018, it will now end on 06MAR2018. During this time -- if you see any complaints about whatever map is being played or anything at all related to the rotation, please try to direct that person either to the Squad section of our discord (the message in question is pinned) or directly to the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/15086830. Feel free to vote on this poll as well, and visit this link if you need a reminder of which layer is which. Thank you for any help you can provide in this, even if it's just as much as putting in your own votes to the poll.
  2. thomastheviking

    Operation Iron Rain

    We will be participating in a Special Squad Operations style event with 7th Cav & Sigma Tactical on April 29 at 8:00pm EDT. Please arrive early in TS for headcount. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3728-operation-iron-rain/
  3. until
    We will be hosting a scrim versus Sigma Tactical on March 12th at 20:00 est (GMT -5) Please go here: https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3670-scrim-2fjg-vs-sigma-tactical/ for more information, to fill out the poll, and to suggest a map.
  4. OH my..... http://imgur.com/a/HI827
  5. NAPK1NS

    Reserved slots

    How do you get reserved slots in squad?
  6. We are thinking of joining in on Squad Ops event tomorrow (February 25th) Operation: Nightmare. If you are interested in being a part in this and have already done the REQUIRED Squad Ops training please submit which time you would like the clan to participate in and post below saying you want to. For more information on what Squad Ops is go here: http://squadops.gg/faq If you have any questions regarding the Squad Ops Event please contact PlanOfAction or BlondeBeard.
  7. thomastheviking

    Multi Clan Battle #2

    We will be having our Second Clan Battle on April 21, 2017 at 7pm est. Please arrive in TS 20mins early for headcount. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3729-multi-clan-battle-2/
  8. thomastheviking


    [2.FJG] is hosting a multi clan battle April 1 at 8:30pm est Please try to arrive early in TS for head count. Thank You https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3711-multi-clan-battle/
  9. until
    (Cancelled!) https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3634-scrim-2fjg-vs-whitefox/
  10. thomastheviking

    SCRIM: 2.FJg vs aR

    Scrim against aR starts at 8:00 PM EST. Please try to arrive early in TeamSpeak so we have an accurate count of 2.FJg players. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3579-2fjg-vs-ar/
  11. Hi, I'm a cucklord who plays on the server regularly as many of you may know. I would like to start a new discourse about the practice and idea of Main Base Camping. What are your thoughts on it? Should it be regulated by server staff? Unfortunately on maps with 30mm equipped vehicles , I commonly see graveyards made up of dead vehicles in-front of main bases. I also commonly see new to SL players being confused by the event of camping and becoming "stuck" in-front of their main base, hopelessly fending off the off-cap attackers. Granted I can be seen camping main bases at times, I believe that it is in the better interests of the server and server's game play quality that we talk about as a community, how we want to handle the topic of main base camping and find a solution that benefits the server and the people who play on it.
  12. until
    12v12 Scrim with T//A March 25th at 10pm est. please arrive early for headcount in teamspeak. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3708-scrim-2fjg-vs-ta/#comment-23798
  13. until
    There is a scrim against RAOR on March 4th at 8pm est. Please arrive in TS ahead of time for head count. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3664-scrim-2fjg-vs-raor/#comment-23587
  14. thomastheviking

    SCRIM: 2.FJg vs Ops

    There is a scrim on Friday March 10th at 7pm est against the Ops people. Please try to arrive early in TS for head count. Thank You https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3651-scrim-2fjg-vs-ops/
  15. until
    We have a 12v12 Scrim against ToG on Friday March 3rd at 7pm est. Please arrive in our TS by 5:40 for head count. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3625-2fjg-vs-tog/ STATUS: CANCELLED
  16. thomastheviking

    SCRIM: [2.FJg] vs [20r]

    Scrim against 20r starts at 1:00pm est. Please arrive in TS by 1 so we have an accurate count of 2.FJg players. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3624-scrim-2fjg-vs-20r
  17. Hey guys I just joined the forums. I also just applied to be in the clan, so hopefully that works out. I play a lot of Squad, arma 3, dishonored 2. I just bought Rising Storm 2: Vietnam so hopefully that will keep me up at night haha. (Could use a training buddy :p) Hopefully i can become an admin or something helpful around here, this seems like a good size community with a great focus on tactical play and teamwork games. Hope to see you guys around
  18. Oisya

    Squad Footage Session

    Lack of participation brings shame to family.
  19. Recently 2.FJg was approached by BigJimmyHD of [FaT] regarding a new, and upcoming Squad competitive league that is being put together. They wanted to know if we were interested in participating, and also to let us know just what it would all be about. To start things out, and sort of get their name out there, the Squad Pro League (SPL) is going to be running a charity event sometime in the late Summer. The exact date has not yet been determined, as they are trying to get everything organized and a good amount of clans involved before they start giving themselves a deadline. To participate, each clan needs a minimum of 3 members playing in each game. Each team will decide on a charity, which will be verified through the SPL to be a legitimate charity, and both will fight over which one is the charity that gets donated to. Funds are planned to come from donations from viewers, as SPL is of course planned to be a streaming event. SPL is reaching out, at the same time, to streamers to make this a possibility. SPL is planned as being a professional competitive league, though also an all-inclusive one. Everyone in the Squad community is being given a chance to participate, if they so choose, but they are also expected to come together for the sake of the game and not display the sort of toxicity that has marred a few other competitive leagues. This seems to me like a great opportunity to get the 2.FJg name out there in the Squad community, and possibly outside of it. If you are interested in participating, I will have a link to the SPL Discord below so that you can join and see announcements for when the dates are more solid. Go ahead and message me here on the forums, Discord, or just reply in this thread if you would like to be a part of this. As I said, we will need at least three people during each event for 2.FJg to be a part of this., but we can have as many as 36; so don't think that just because 3 others have expressed interest, that you can't also participate. That is all that I know at the moment, but as more information becomes available I will be posting it in here as well. Discord link: https://discord.gg/A7Yxmbj
  20. Full call to gather a 30 player team for Squad competition play. This is being held by Squad North American Championship. The event will be a 30v30 vanilla squad NA only Tournament held on July 5th. Teams will be placed in one of 2 round robin style groups and compete every weekend. After group phase, the top seeds(number of teams advancing depends on the number of teams that play in event) will advance to a playoff single elimination bracket to play for the championship. Please Respond on here and/or direct message me on Discord or here (though Discord I'll see first) to express your intent to join up.
  21. thomastheviking

    SCRIM: [2.FJg] vs QFF

    There is a 12v12 scrim against QFF on Saturday March 18th 3pm est. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3652-scrim-2fjg-vs-qff/
  22. thomastheviking

    SCRIM: 2.FJg vs ET

    On Saturday 18th at 8pm est we have a 18v18 scrim against Sigma Tactical. Please arrive early to the scrim so we have a head count on TS ahead of time. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3632-scrim-2fjg-vs-et
  23. thomastheviking

    Scrim: [2.FJg] w/ aR

    There is a scrim on Feb. 17th at 7pm est with aR against Squad Ops. Please show up early to the match so things maybe set up. 18v18 (9 2.FJg) https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3623-scrim-multi-clan-feb-17-700pm-est/
  24. VinnieTG

    Combat Footage

    Hey guys, so I'm just trying to ramp up the Media of the clan. If you guys have any combat footage do share it. The more we capture the better. If I get enough combat footage I may do some video editing for our video. So here is a video of an assault on Hilltop on Fools Road. Footage captured by @BostonMass Yours truly is also seen in the footage. Assault on Hilltop Enjoy, Vinnie
  25. Good news everyone, Over the last few days your dedicated team of Members, Admins, Officers who are truly boundless individuals (okay enough of that, but they really are great hard working people) @Joyce / Chronic, @Plan Of Action, @Yedric, @`discobiscuit with the support of the powers that may be (for the most part). Have worked hours on end to make some improvements to Squad. First some welcome additions to were made to the admin team, we are looking forwards to seeing how our new admins can help improve the quality of our servers. As always please keep yourselves up to date with our Squad MP Guidelines, admins and members alike are expected to continue to follow these Guidelines at all times. Second we have added vested, and enlisted clan members to the White List for our Squad Servers, this should help you get on with ease. Steam IDs were taken from the below post. If you are not mentioned in the below post please add your steam ID to the list so that we can update our White List. Finally, The map rotation has been updated. To view our latest rotation please check out the below post.
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