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Found 2 results

  1. To whomever it may concern, I was permbanned from Squad 2FJg server in 2017 by an admin called "Hammer" according to the ban tag due to "homophobic slurs". If I recall correctly I jokingly called a friend of mine a "[email protected]" and got PERM banned without delay. Now I wouldn't have a problem with that if I was playing squad because there are several other servers. The thing is with Post Scriptum there are so few of us that sometimes 2FJg is the only server with people on. I would like to appeal my ban to start playing on your server again. Thank you in advance, Rixote.
  2. Hi I am posting on behalf of the 29th infantry division IJA clan and we are currently looking for groups to scrim with we are active every Tuesday and Saturday and are looking for matches that reach up to 10 vs 10. We are a small but experienced and growing clan with history in both DoD's realism and BG2. If your interested we would be very happy to discuss it further and narrow down the details contact me by either using my email (attached to this forum account), visiting our website http://www.29thclan.com/ or poking me on steam user name Gochó.Hath|29th IJA (samitehl). Thanks for your time look forward to hearing from you!
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