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Found 6 results

  1. I've been playing on the server for long enough, I figured I should drop by the forums and say Hi. Some of you may know me already, some don't, but I'll introduce myself anyway. I've been one of the founding members of the 1. Gebirgsjaeger Division, initially a tactical CoD unit that eventually migrated to RO:1. Sadly, RO:1 proved to be a bit too much for my fellow squad mates, and I eventually retired from the unit when they returned to CoD. Anyway, I enjoy playing on your server and it's currently the only one in my favourites list. Has been since day one, actually. When the guilt will eventually consume me, I promise I will make a donation as well See you on the battlefield - gute Jagd!
  2. Hello, 2FJg! I'm Kaiwren, a new player to Red Orchestra 2. I haven't been playing for very long, but I really enjoy the game so far and have had great experiences, particularly on your server. While I'm still pretty bad at the game, I foresee myself sticking around for quite a while, not only in the RO2 community, but specifically on 2FJg servers. Since I see myself becoming a regular here, I figured it would be polite to introduce myself. Ingame, I prefer to play the Axis if I can, my favorite weapon so far is the MP40, and earlier tonight I found myself manage to go three maps without a single kill, haha. In real life, I'm seventeen and from Maryland, USA. Just about to finish high school, I plan on taking some time to get a job and acclimate myself to increased responsibility before going to college, where I hope to study linguistics and computer science. I speak English natively and am learning German - I'm told that I'm somewhere between A2 and B1, but I don't really think I'm quite that good just yet. I hope to become a positive member of this community. Immer vorwärts!
  3. Hello there, I am Corsius Atreides. I have actually been slaying with you guys on your RO2 servers for over a year now, and as of just a month ago decided to get on vent - and now I'm finally getting around to signing up on the forums... obviously
  4. If you play on the RO2 server then you've probably seen me around. Though, I'm not the best I'm trying to get better since this is the first FPS that I've actually had a lot of fun playing online. I'll contribute here where I can and hopefully just have a nice time~.
  5. Hey guys this is The Joker I'm a brand new member to the 2.FJg clan and I just wanted to say hi and thank you for the opportunity and I hope to see you out in the battlefield. Don't be afraid to say hi or send me a message I would be glad to talk to you!
  6. Most of you know me, but im slacking in the intro part! Live in washington and play mostly squad! Hit me up if you would like to squad up!!
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