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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, 2FJg! It's been a while since I've posted on your forums and some of you may remember me from a year or so back. But these days I'm an organizer for the NA BloodBath Scrimz group. Some of your members have come out on occasion to join in on our BloodBath Thursdays for CD and S&D games. But I've come on here to send out a general invitation because for the next upcoming event we're looking for more community participation. BB Scrimz is relaunching its former [Country Wars] series where NA players will be pitted against players from other nations in large-scale battles of 20v20 or more. It's all good fun and not seriously competitive, but it's a wonderful opportunity for making new international friends and cultural exchange; something that not a lot of NA players get much exposure to. And much like how our community BloodBath nights go, our group in the Country War battle is expected to be just as diverse, being a coalition of clan and community players alike. Our opponents will be in the same situation in that regard too. Our upcoming inaugural match will be against Japan and is planned to be this coming Saturday morning at 10AM EST. It's a public event so all are welcome to join. If anyone is interested in more details they can feel free to add me on Steam and join our Steam Group. Thanks and take care, guys! *Salute* BloodMalice
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