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  1. Hey, guys! !This is a warning about a malware! You might receive a following message from some of your friends in steam: "Hi.I want to trade with you this item" there will also be a link. The link might end with something like "/screenshot.jpg", but after clicking a file with ".scr" extension will be downloaded, if you have downloaded it delete it without opening and scan your computer with your antivirus (safety first). At the time of posting this it looks like this is still pretty fresh so this is the only reference to this I could find at the moment: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/624076850991801083/ Stay safe out there.
  2. Unfortunately we are unable to do anything on our side short of disabling the speed hack detection, which we won't do. So the only thing I am able to suggest is to get a better internet connection if possible and to try and limit all other internet traffic while playing RO2.
  3. Hi Kuraironin, The speed hack detected actually is connection related issue that makes it seem for the server that you are using speed hacks and it is the server itself that performs the session ban it that case (I'll talk to our main smart person about this maybe there is something we can do on our end). And about vote kicks you don't have to worry as the option is disabled on our server, it still shows that a vote kick has been started but it can't actually remove you. Thank you and good hunting.
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    <Insert generic new year's message>
  5. Donor

    Merry Christmas all

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all from here as well. And this one is for you Dietl
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    Hey Guys !

    That reference was so obvious it poked out one of my eyes
  7. Hell I think there even might be a post somewhere out there in the forum about SteamOS, but well this be happening tomorrow: http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/172674-steamos-available-to-download-tomorrow-stand-by-for-a-very-slow-linux-gaming-revolution And yes I know there are so many ways they can screw it up and so very few ways they can do it right, but here's to hopping that it's a success.
  8. Donor

    Hybrid Memory Cube

    Well I thought its about time there was an update here, so here: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/167368-hybrid-memory-cube-160gbsec-ram-starts-shipping-is-this-the-technology-that-finally-kills-ddr-ram To sum it up ladies and gents we have a time-frame for when the memory will come into play three to five years.
  9. Well I had intended that we do the killing together
  10. I like you... you will die last
  11. NOOOOO!!! Be hardcore use IP
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