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  1. ehh most of us play Squad on our server. That doesn't stop me from opening up ro2 once and a while. For me personally i am not much a fan of RS2 but i do own it.
  2. Awesome to hear you were able to fight alongside us in those times! I miss those times too man. All good things come to and end unfortunately. We did get rid of our RO2, sadly. Since then we have moved to Squad which I definitely recommend if you loved RO2. Most of us veterans and new members are always on our Sqaud server, Check us out! Hope to see you in Squad!
  3. i''l play! i play on Darkspear Horde. New expanison comes out soon Battle for Azeroth the renewed war between Alliance and Horde! Back like it was in Burning Crusade:)
  4. cant wait to see you in TS with us and can answer all your questions that you might have!
  5. good to have you aboard man!
  6. welcome and see ya around
  7. Why regulate a match when a team is getting steamrolled? seems like a skill issue there on the player's part.
  8. i bought it then returned it cause boring while solo. maybe ill invest in it again sometime
  9. as i was reading it, i read it like a commercial jingle
  10. Domebluntz

    Combat Footage

    Recorded this the other day but started half way into it. This is when a bunch of us all where in the same squad. Unedited
  11. i can usually cover the hours between 10pm-2am weekdays
  12. i love this game im deff down to join ya tonight
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