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  1. X™

    Hey all

    Didn't get to play with you, I think we were on opposite teams there but that last match last night was a fucking blast.
  2. X™

    v9.4 Released!

    Not going to lie, Offworld has surprised me with this one. This almost feels like just as big of an update as v9, if not larger. I'm excited to see what comes with 10 if we're getting all this content with a version update.
  3. X™

    Squad Fan Group

    For those interested, we actually have a facebook group for clan members. Here's the link, you'll have to submit a request to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/172555526153940/
  4. Not all of us are graced with a naturally dark complexion lol, you should see me running on less than 3 hours of sleep sometime if you think I look bad in that picture
  5. We found a picture of us at an event! I'm right behind him LMAO
  6. That awkward moment when you literally know everyone in the pictures because you're in the same unit but never made the connection
  7. X™

    v9 Changes

    I'm pretty salty they still haven't finished off vaulting and the new character animations. I would've much preferred solid infantry animations and smoother movement with the new weapons/fobs than a larger influx of new vehicles which will more than likely be broken.
  8. X™

    I have Copies

    Interested if any are left
  9. X™


    theonlyx You can see some of my EMS shenanigans.
  10. X™


    M A G A A G A
  11. X™


    Quick video I compiled showing why you get so many kills with the ACOG, apologies for being shit in the video.
  12. Origin Access members are able to download the trial as of yesterday which downloads the complete full game, gives you access to two chapters in SP and 5 maps in multiplayer with 10 hours of play time. Progress from the trial carries over to launch and if you play all 10 hours you get a special battlepack on release.
  13. You guys will have fun with it, I promise
  14. This is why I won't be buying this garbage. They shouldn't even have tried saying this is a "WW1 shooter" when there is nothing even close to resembling world war 1 in it. The majority of weapons on the battlefield are SMGs, LMGs and semi-automatics. I don't even know if I'll buy it on sale, this game has actually triggered me for once. The only good thing is the air combat, and that's about it. Rising Storm 2 will be worth the wait.
  15. It's as terrible as I thought it was going to be. Verdun is 500x better.
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