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  1. Ive really tried to play HLL. I could totally be missing something but I feel like all I do is spawn and run 5 miles. Pretty boring. Are my squad leaders just failing to stay alive up front or am I missing some other way to spawn closer to the action? R)2 felt like that at first until you got the hang of it, but after 10-12 hours of playing all Im doing is running across the map to the front lines.
  2. Thanks Joyce. Looking forward to this one. Any reason to get the Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Mega Super Deluxe, Super Massive Deluxe version?
  3. Hi Allepac! Long time. I would take one if avaialble.
  4. a_gunslinger


    That's all normal, healthy and positive progression in life. You will find there will be ebbs and flows in gaming as tou get older. As you enter this phase of less gaming it will be there later should you return. Carpe diem.
  5. How is Bama responsible? Where are you located? We have the opposite "End of Days" weird weather - middle of January and 62 degrees in Cincinnati.
  6. Interesting. Of course would defer to your expertise and gut instinct, but seems like it could be advantageous to have the actual game developer also in charge of the hardware. Or is that a faulty assumption?
  7. Thanks Krunch. Speedtest said I was fine (60mb up, 6 down). Pingtest said I had some jitter and was not able to run packet loss because I didnt have a port open. Will try that later.
  8. So I still play this old game you may remember called RO2. Anyway, all of a sudden a few weeks ago I started getting lag spikes and rubber banding in game. And I cant quite identify the issue. Nothing jumps out at me as obvious or suddenly changed. Machine specs and internet above average and, more importantly, same equipment not a problem a month ago. i7-3770 @3.4 Ghz Nvidia GTX 1060 (drivers updated) 24GB RAM Samsung Pro 512 SSD Business class Time Warner Road runner bandwidth (60 up, 5-6 down) Asus N router, 2 yrs old Win 7 Pro 64 FPS averaging 62 The rubber banding "seem" to be motion related - running in game. Running game in High, although the card should be able to do Ultra. Servers Im on the ping is not that high 100-120. But also occurred when I had a 60-70 ping. Did a tracert to some of the target game server and nothing that unusual in terms of hops or timing. Just looking for some fresh thoughts as Im no network expert.
  9. a_gunslinger

    Farewell Hook

    Didnt know him, but no less a bummer :^( Crosses my mind every time I get on my motorcycle.
  10. Yep, all said and done i could have just bought one. Would have been cheaper for sure. Kit excludes reciever and barrel. I had to buy some tools and gunsmith drilled the finall barrel. So final cost probably 650-700 to build your own.
  11. I assume you mean the cost of the receiver? It was $140 but I added all the whistles and bells ;^)
  12. It was a Polish Underfolder kit from Midway. By law the receiver has to be purchased separately. I had Childers build me a custome receiver: Polish-AKM-47-Receiver Had them put the same serial number on it that was on the rest of the kit's parts ;^)
  13. Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I ever finished building it. Finally. After 7 months. Done. Super rewarding building it myself. But would not do it again. Not for the faint of heart. http://emermed.net/staging/forums/guns/Finished_AK47.jpg
  14. Wish they had a little more POV footage, but looks fun. God dont put me in a copter with Admiral driving!
  15. I give all games a chance. BF1 looks fun. Its hard to tell from just the videos. Im a little worried it will be too run and gun pray and spray - unrealistically fast paced. But I saw one gameplay video that seemed interesting.
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