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  1. I vowed to never purchase another AMD product after the debacle I had just upgrading my card from AMD to AMD. So therefore, yes AMD drivers blow. They are like trying to get rid of McAfee antivirus off of your computer.
  2. I've been using Windows 8/8.1 pretty much since it came out also. No issues with any games I've ran on Steam, specifically Insurgency or RO2. I can tell you that Windows 8.1 is much faster in general, but as for gaming performance, it seems about the same to me.
  3. It's better when you read this with a Scottish accent.
  4. Of course noob! I'm gonna get an Avenger I think.
  5. Join the Volks, we don't mind Volks at the top of the list. That's your best bet, we can always make room for you then, and if there is an admin on and the MG is trolling or something you may get the spot if you let them know, that's about the only way you can get specific spots.
  6. phynal

    Random YouTube videos

    Callum's people are funny.
  7. The game balance has never worked properly. That is an issue you can take up with TWI.
  8. That is one large unit. Now, if you'd just lay Rowland out too, i'd send you some donations.
  9. phynal

    Tank only map

    Still waiting for the half tracks and "other vehicles" lol
  10. phynal

    Tank only map

    I edited your post, I couldn't stand to look at "mape" in my new content feed. Anyway, yea tanks only is a tough thing, it empties servers.
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