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  1. Aye more Celts in the clan. Everything is going as planned, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome aboard bud
  2. 47 ships? Robertz be like 🤑
  3. Hey bud, welcome to our forums. If you haven't yet, you can join our discord here: https://discord.io/2fjgclan
  4. Hey bud, glad you found our servers. If you have any questions or need some help, contact our HR guys on our discord.
  5. Prolly better bringing this up on Discord. As far as I'm aware nobody can setup servers yet. Talk with @BombSquad and @MEatstiCK they're going to be running the game for us. They can fill you in with their plans. Fort Montbarey in brest is our map.
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    Hello amigos

    Hey bud, welcome to the community. One of our HR guys should be in contact soon. In the meantime if you're not on our Discord yet join up here: discordapp.com/invite/64m3JnE . That's where we hang out and now.
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    Hi everybody!

    Hey bud, great to see an old RO2 player find us again :). Hit the apply button at the top of the forums and fill in the app. Then one of our HR guys will contact you and sort you out with some lovely new tags :D.
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    Hi all

    Hey bud, welcome to our little community.
  9. You allowed to sail on his yacht yet? Allowed a couple of flights a year yet, on his private dreamliner? Does he at least call you, to ask you how you're doing, from time to time? 🧐
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    Discord server

    ? works when I click it. @Berkut
  11. Bump! For those that want to join our org; click the link below. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/2FJG
  12. Dietl

    Discord server

    /bump new link
  13. Dolina Breaking cover: I've been pottering with this for a little while, and fully aim to get this complete and released when possible. It should have a different feel to what's in Squad to date, and will present some tactical quandaries. Vehicles will be a must, and, at 4km, it should support armour and possibly helicopters at such a time as they are included. It's broadly influenced by an area of northern Europe. About: Dolina is a combined arms map that provides an array of strategically valuable points to contest in a large, open and varied environment. From rolling hills of farmland and forestry to lush plains and wet marshland, this is a sparsely populated rural area, defined by the confluence of two rivers that cut a swathe through the terrain. There will be both AAS and INS versions. Status: Still very much WIP; 4km is a BIG thing to map. The basics are in place in terms of landscape and layout. Some areas are essentially complete, others need a serious second pass, and other still are not started beyond basic placeholders. It also needs lighting to be redone, game layers set up, various custom assets etc. to come. Working on the village area Village progress
  14. Wake Atoll Name : Wake Atoll Location : Wake Island Atoll Size: 8km Game Play Type: Focus on light mech infantry I originally worked on this as a map for PR a few years ago but the BF2editor and I didn't see eye to eye on crashes. I've been at this for a few months on a 4km version, but recently amped up to an 8km version. Landmass is a little larger than actual scale. I will be posting updates of each section as I get through them and return to each when I get to detail passes. End result will hopefully be a gentle reminder of BF's Wake with the tactical chaos of Squad. Album Wilkes Island (W Island) Peale Island (NW Island)
  15. Jizan Province Hey guys, Thought I'd share some very early WIP shots of a map I've been working on for a few nights now. The area is based on the Jizam Province in Saudi Arabia, just north of the Yemen border. It will feature an arterial highway (visually similar to Jizan-Jeddah highway) with a military checkpoint and a major junction, a dam in the east, a cave complex in the hillside to the west, and 3 significant towns. Here is my prototype AAS layer: And some early screens just showing how the vegetation might blend into the landscape (which will eventually be fully texture mapped): A few more shots as I experiment with materials and foliage. A few more of the Dam, subject to change...
  16. Korengal Valley: Korengal Outpost (KOP) Rivers Valley & Crops Mountains Radio Tower "Mike" Media Level WIP
  17. Raid on Rostov: Map Layout: The maps layout consists of 2 small objectives per team before entering the single large factory. Russians get a 1 flag head start so they can occupy the factory before the US. Screenshots: Media: Not enough media for you? Here is a video driving around the map.
  18. Al Basrah: what 74 days differences looks like.... i must say WOW! never actually thought it would look like this
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    Random YouTube videos

    Pretty damn cool. Now if they could only "enhance."
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