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  1. Just poke a officer when you're on TS. They should be able to get you sorted out. Let them know you were a Volk too.
  2. I signed up using your code. Now it's just a waiting game until the 3rd.
  3. It is literally the highest quality repro in the game for any gun out of WWII in terms of reliability. Not sure where you heard else wise, but I wouldn't trust them to talk from a position of knowledge with guns anymore lmao. Also, I've shot many a gun in my life. It strangely wants to fire faster than you can pull the trigger. I don't know how to explain it, but everyone who has shot it has said the same thing. It wants to shoot fast. It begs you to shoot it fast. That said, I am planning on buying a real one eventually. I'm spending my next bonus on a G41 I've had my eye on for two years, those bitches are going for about $6-8k these days in good condition. But that's 4 months down the line for my next quarterly bonus to come in.
  4. Bahahaha Those happen to be my fish tank supplies. Those beans are 10lbs pound bags of gravel substrate. Also, anything that eats meat. I cannot tolerate vegans.
  5. I've never posted my gun collection. I have... a few. From top left to bottom right (roughly) Mosin Nagant, MN 91/30 (1942) Mk. 2 Lee Enfield Glock 19 Ruger SP 101, .357 Magnum Ruger 10/22 Take-Down with a 2-7x Scope Heritage Rough Rider, .22lr FN M4 Collectors w/ Vert. Foregrip, Flashilight, Trijicon ACOG 4x32 / RMR Combo GSG MP40, 9mm P08 Luger (1918, double stamped after Allied capture, 1920) Saiga (Kalashnikov Concern) AK47 w/ foregrip, magpul furniture, Romeo 4 Red Dot, 75rnd Drum mag not pictured Mosberg 590a1 with ghost ring sights and angled foregrip Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, 9mm Springfield 1911 Ruger LCPII Inland M1 Carbine (1943), 30rnd Mag not pictured Some shitty shoes EDIT: That's 15. I read somewhere that at 17 you become a "super gun owner". I'm pretty sure my 16th will be a CZ Scorpion EVO Carbine, but the 17th has to be something special. Either a German K98k or a M1 Garand, I'm having troulbe deciding exactly what will be #17.
  6. I have max level toons all over. But I'm not really playing, I always take a break after x-pac announcements until a few months before the launch. I usually play Horde, all the toons I regularly play are there. I have a few alts I mostly ignore on Alliance.
  7. I don't appreciate your comment. I didn't insult, offend, or attack you. If you created 100% of what's in there, good for you kiddo.
  8. We're a legal entity. Be careful using images or graphics you didn't create if you want us to be able to use it officially. If you didn't lift any of that, well done.
  9. Joyce / Chronic

    CCCP Situation

    Your kick was accidental, and I do want to apologize about that. We were aiming to kick someone trolling you and there was an issue with our admin tool. The offender was kicked too, but we were unable to let you know yours was a mistake. If you have any complaints about specific admins or players, please feel free to message me directly, I am our head admin. I am available here, our discord, or on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/sjoyce). I do hope you reach out to me directly.
  10. The Second Falschirmjaeger has always prided itself in running mature servers where the focus is always on the game. As such we actively moderate our servers and have a few rules in order to keep the focus off of anything but the game at hand. It's a game, you're here to play, and we want to keep it as awesome an experience as we can possibly provide. To that end, we ask that you follow the following rules on our Squad server: 1. Do not intentionally TK anyone, ever. Try to avoid friendly fire as much as possible, check your map. 2. Avoid offensive language. It's a war game, we get it, but don't swear at people, insult people, or troll people. 3. Racism will earn you an instant and permanent ban. 4. Don't exploit glitches, don't cheat, and don't hack. Play the game the way it was meant to be played: fairly. This includes ghosting. 5. Listen to all instructions from [2.FJg] members at all times. Do not argue with them, do not disrespect them. 6. Squad leaders must have and use microphones. 7. Microphones are important, do not abuse them. Do not abuse text chat either, it is there to aid in tactical game play. 8. We have a zero tolerance policy for recruiting or soliciting recruitment for any group other than [2.FJg]. Absolutely no advertising for any organization, website, business, activity, or event that is not endorsed by [2.FJg]. 9. Posing as a [2.FJg] member will lead to a permanent ban. If you are not a member or a recruit please do not wear our tags. 10. Our servers are English only. Specific language squads (i.e. "French") are allowed, however the SL must still have a mic and be able to communicate in English. All text chat outside of the Squad must also be in English. 11. Admins may need to take special action against actions not listed, they will give you instructions if possible before any action is taken. Listen to all member instructions.
  11. Our admins are supposed to be issuing TK warnings to specific people, not to the server at large, it is part of our policy. I'll do what I can to make sure they do follow that policy in the future to the best of my ability. They will still broadcast, but they should be naming someone as per our own rules.
  12. Your post is wrong. Just plain wrong. All of you are wrong. Call of Duty was not included on that list. By default that makes you wrong because it was the best Call of Duty. It's a fact that cannot be debated.
  13. I do too. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about removing them server side... but they can be removed client side! Easily too! All you have to do is 4 mouse clicks in TeamSpeak. "Tools" on the top toolbar, then click "Options" you'll get a new pop up window, select "Design" and then deselect "Display Overwolf icons on clients". Done deal. TL;DR: 1. Tools 2. Options 3. Design 4. Uncheck "Display Overwolf icons on clients"
  14. High standards? Not sure what you're looking for from me. That said, we do not discuss bans out side of the ban appeals section of the forums. If you would like to discuss your ban, we will only do it there. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/forum/38-ban-appeals/
  15. Well, I've read your complaint. "I do not wish to join back." Got ya.
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