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  1. What's a GeForce 987? Some super secret internal only build?
  2. Well, technically, these are 4 cores with hyperthreading, that present themselves to the operating systems as two logical cores each. We usually refer to these as 4 core CPU's, even though you see 8 of them in the OS. it just helps the CPU use the 4 cores more efficiently. That is pretty cool. What originally came in that case? I've helped friends upgrade OEM systems over the years, but always had problems with fitting components due to custom non-ATX compliant designs, and weak PSU's. Looks like you found one that actually works!
  3. Alright, I'll bite. (and challenge accepted!) CPU: Intel Core i7-3930k, overclocked to 4.8Ghz, cooled with a Corsair H110i GTX with four Noctua 140mm iPPC-2000 PWM fan's in push-pull configuration.It's an older hexacore (12 logical) model at this point, but it still clocks high enough to stay competitive with overclocked newer chips, so I haven’t had a reason to upgrade since I got it in late 2011 RAM: 64GB (8x8GB) DDR3-1866. (I forget the brand)32 of these are used for a RAM Disk on which I load RO2 at boot. Fast map loads FTW. GPUs: Two EVGA GeForce 980Ti ACX2.0+ SC+ in SLI. One with 82% ASIC, the other 72%.The coolers are removed, and I have installed Corsair's HG10 N980 cooling bracket. Each GPU is thus cooled with a Corsair H90, and each has two of the same Noctua fans I use for the CPU. Motherboard: ASUS P9x79 WS, X79 LGA2011 board SSD: Intel SSD750D 400GB PCIe SSD. HDD: None. I rely on my 48TB custom built NAS in my basement for my file storage needs. NIC: 10Gbit Brocade BR-1020 with a fiber optic transducer direct connected to NAS above for local-like speeds. (Rest of network is via onboard gigabit NIC) Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HDThis is hooked up via RCA line out to my dedicated Schiit Audio headphone amp, and my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones. I also have a set of LOUD Logitech z623 2.1 speakers, which I barely ever use. Case: Corsair 750D Airflow Edition full tower case. PSU: Silverstone Strider ST1200 Gold, Modular, 80+ Gold, 1200W. Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core (I liked my old, dead G500 better) Mouse Pad: Ratpadz, of course. Only the original and best will do. Keyboard: Unicomp Buckling Spring mechanical keyboard. (based on the old school IBM boards) Monitors: Center: Samsung JS9000 48" 4k HDTV, Sides: One 20" Dell 2007FP in portrait mode on each side. I have no idea how much I've spent on this thing from the start.I rarely if ever do new builds from scratch. I replace parts as needed. I consider my desktops to be constant works in progress. Oldest parts in this one are from late 2011. Newest parts are the case and coolers. I'd probably be horrified if I tallied it all up, but that being said, some people's hobby is to work on cars, mine is computers and server/enterprise network hardware. (my hobby is cheaper ) Some pics from before I installed the HG10 N980's: (Click for bigger) Future Plans: Sound: I want to get an external Schiit Bifrost DAC, and run an optical SPDIF cable to it from the Titanium HD instead of my current setup, for better sound. GPU: I hate SLI with a passion (but not as much as I hate crossfire). Buggy, adds input lag, having to muck with SLI profiles, etc. etc. not to mention poor scaling. When big Pascal is launched, I will be evaluating if a single top end model can replace my two 980ti's for 4k in the games and at the settings I play. If not, I'll be waiting for the next gen top end AMD GPU and evaluating it. (I have no brand loyalty) What do you do for Nvidia? Got any juicy details on Pascal?
  4. I noticed a good amount of performance gain going to Windows 10 as well. It feels a lot snappier. I wonder if they made better use of GPU acceleration in the window manager or something like that. DX12 seems very promising for Windows10 as well, but time will tell.
  5. That hasn't been my experience. It DID download them if you used the taskbar app to "reserve your copy" but - at least on my machines - it didn't download anything until very recently if you didn't. I noticed it the other day when my Windows 7 VM in linux had suddenly grown by 7GB for no apparent reason. I did some googling, and came across this article I mean, I upgraded to 10 early on to test it (after imaging my drive, so I could easily go back) by downloading the ISO manually. I disagree with the direction they have gone, but once you disable everything nefarious, it is MOSTLY ok. The trick is to never create a microsoft account (and delete yours if you already have one). Install the OS with local user accounts only, and during install click all the advanced tabs and opt out of EVERYTHING (Sharing inking data to improve cortana, sharing wifi information, sharing this, sharing that, etc. etc.) Set everything to disabled. Once installed, then immediately go to Cortana, and disable it too. Also, go into the control panel update settings and find the setting that allows Microsoft to use your computer and internet connection as a distribution platform for their updates and disable that as well. As I see it, Windows 10 is very reminiscent of malware. It tries to trick people to install it by using nagware. it installs and uses a bittorrent client to download Windows 10 upgrade files and distribute them with other people using your computer and internet connection without your permission, then it just nags you about upgrading until you accidentally go ahead and do it. Once you upgrade all the default settings allows them to collect all your personal data, and use your computer as if it were one of their update servers, all while serving as a marketing platform to funnel you into using their paid cloud services. Even if you disable all personal data sharing options available to you, there are still some which can not be disabled. I'ts really kind of disgusting. Makes me glad I primarily use my Linux desktop. The only thing I do in Windows is run my game, everything else I do from my Linux install. At least that way there isn't much useful personal data to share. I'd have to say Shame on Microsoft for this one. Rather despicable.
  6. There's probably a reason for that. According to this article Microsoft is now downloading (but not installing) Windows 10 to your computer whether you want it or not. Previously the little taskbar Windows 10 upgrade notification would just nag you to upgrade, but now it actually downloads it. Not only do these downloads potentially slow down your internet connection, but if you are one of the unfortunate people who have a metered connection, it can also cost you money, and it takes up 3.5 - 6.5GB of disk space just sitting there waiting in case you want to upgrade to Windows 10, and if you delete it, it downloads again. Essentially Microsoft is running a bittorrent client on your computer without your knowledge both downloading and sharing Windows 10 with the world. This is a little too much like what a botnet would to for my level of comfort... it's a huge overreach on Microsofts part. Luckily there is a workaround: 1.) Go to windows update, find and uninstall the "KB 3035583" update. 2.) Reboot. 3.) Go back to Windows Update. Windows will want to reinstall "KB 3035583". Mark the "KB 3035583" update as unwanted by clicking the "hide" button. now it won't install again. 4.) Now delete the folder named "$Windows.~BT" in the root of your main OS drive. This SHOULD free up your space and stop it from happening again.
  7. Wow. my midgrade around here is still $2.79 or so. That being said, I feel like people get too excited about gas prices (both high, or low) I drive 20k-25k miles a year, and even record low, to record high gas prices don't make much of a difference. I know people who drive a few extra miles to get 5 cents cheaper gas... You just wasted your time over less than a dollar if you have a 18 gallon tank, and it's completely empty. May even have spent more money in gas driving the extra distance, than you saved by filling up at a lower price. People get really irrational when it comes to changes in gas prices. At least here in the U.S.
  8. Mmm... Senapssill, eggs and new potatoes with a little dill. Damn I miss that stuff...
  9. Silence


    Nossa, Huehue, or kkkkk? Paulista or Paulistano? I've been trying to learn some PTBR, but it's an uphill battle.
  10. Silence

    New Map Idea?

    You are welcome to make one, and if we like it we might be persuaded to include it in the lineup. If you are looking to try to get someone to make your map idea, you might need to try the Tripwire forums or somewhere else. We don't have much of a map developer community on here, and mapmaking is well, VERY time consuming, and requires a lot of skill. Some of the larger RO2 community maps have thousands of man hours into them.
  11. Jo, det finns ju några av oss här. Själv växte jag upp i Bohuslän i Stenungsund, bodde i Göteborg under tonåren men bor numer i USA, i Boston. Jag spelar tyvärr ganska sällan med andra svenskar eftersom jag är ofta på servern från kl 22-24 i Boston (efter styvsonen har gått och lagt sig, vilket är mellan 4 och 6 på morgonen, svensk tid.
  12. If you ever get tired of waiting, just go heredownload Microsofts media downloader and run it with administrative priveleges. It will give you the option to either immediately upgrade, download to USB media for later, or get an ISO, which you can burn and use to install. Remember, the "upgrade" (even if you want to clean install) is a necessary step, as this is what grants your computer a license. If you want to install clean (which I recommend) do the upgrade first, on first boot, make sure it says "activated" in the windows settings, and if it is, then feel free to do a clean install from the CD or USB media, skipping the key entry at every step (it will activate on its own when the install is complete)
  13. Oh yeah. Before I even started the Windows 10 upgrade install, I did a dd dump to my NAS with a complete image of my Windows 8.1 partition. This almost goes without saying Better safe than sorry!
  14. My recommended install method is a clean one. If you are using the free Windows 10 upgrade, the only way to accomplish this is to perform the upgrade, then immediately after verifying that it has activated, boot from Windows 10 install media (found here) Nuke all your partitions and install clean. When it asks for a key, just skip it. It will activate automatically when you are done. Windows 10 remembers that the upgrade was activated. You may want to pre-download any drivers you'll need (particularly if you need GPU or Ethernet drivers) as this will make your life easier right after the install concludes. Now you'll have a clean install. Remember, Windows 10 is the snooping windows. Click the "advanced" tab every time it appears during the install, and disable everything that allows data collection (like cortana, inking, databases, web browser searches, etc. etc. etc.). Alss skip any "microsoft account" creation steps. Instead run your computer as a local user. Do this and you should be fine!
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