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  1. The current rules for our Hell Let Loose server are No racism, homophobia, antisemitism No recruiting or advertising No hacking, glitching or exploiting No trolling, bullying or mic spamming No intentional team killing No ghosting No camping main HQ spawns No locked solo tank squads Officers must have a mic and communicate in English No impersonating clan members Streamers must use a map overlay This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to remove players who are affecting our servers and the game
  2. This is a short guide to what we mean when we saying we're "seeding the server". What it is we're doing, why and how. Intro Typically, players tend not to join empty, or nearly-empty HLL servers. The game-play with few players can be tedious and boring – long periods of the match are spent simply looking for the enemy. “Seeding” is the process where we play games of HLL in a way that encourages players that join the server to stay in the game. It is more than just being in the game - it is about managing the game play so that they get a similar experience to playing on a fu
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