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  1. Hi everyone! This week we’re going to chat through the introduction of a public test environment, as well as the way we’re approaching the competitive side of Hell Let Loose. What is a PTE? A Public Test Environment is a version of the game available for download that lets you play unreleased, beta-phase content. It’s a way we can get your help in testing new content at a much larger scale than our internal QA. We’ll be testing new features, vehicles, maps, customisation, weapons and looking for bugs and server and client crashes. It’s also important to note that the content may have signif
  2. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/686810/announcements/detail/2923357784499848422]here[/url]. View the full article
  3. Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #96! This week we give you a unredacted all access pass into the wonderful world of QA in Hell... Let Loose. In the coming weeks we'll once again focus on upcoming content but we wanted to share one of the most critical aspects of the dev process that's also rarely spoken about. Toss a bug to your QA. Without further ado it's time to go behind the curtain, let's hand over to David from Team17 QA! A day in the life of QA A typical day in QA starts out with smoking the new build. This is a relatively short test plan that has checks for the mo
  4. Welcome to 2.FJg Numb!
  5. Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #95! This week Lead Developer Max is here with a new weapon reveal, new mechanic info and an update on how things are going on our path to Update 8! Right then, over to Max! A Message From Max - Metagame, Mechanics and M3 Submachine Guns! Hi everyone! We’re hard at work right now on Update 8 and we’re really excited to settle many undercooked aspects of the metagame. So much has changed in such a short time - with us moving so much of the nonsensical and blended functionality out to specific items within the inventory. This is done to enable u
  6. Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #94! This week we have an explosive preview of something new coming to the game! Satchel Charges For a long time we’ve known that the Engineer role (among others) was at a distinct disadvantage when it came to battlefield functionality. Whilst the Engineer will have access to a broader array of tools introduced over the coming Updates, we wanted to focus today on the Satchel Charges, as it will form the backbone of the Saboteur aspect of the Engineer role. How do they work? The Satchel Charge is a huge explosive - one of the most powerful curr
  7. Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #93! This week Max has stopped by to reveal an updated mechanic coming to Hell Let Loose, including a first look at one of a set of new tools that armour and infantry units alike will be getting to grips with. To turn up the heat on this Dev Brief, here's Max... A Message From Max - Patch 13 Deployment & New Tools! Hi everyone, We’re thrilled to see that Patch 13 solved several endemic issues that were being experienced. We want to assure you that this is nowhere near the end - more that we wanted to attempt a final round of critical fixes
  8. Hey everyone, Patch 13 is now live! Thank you all so much for your patience and feedback whilst we worked on this, it's greatly appreciated. Check out the patch notes below: Patch 13 NotesPhysX Crash Fix Fix for DX12 crashes on Foy For those that didn't know, the PhysX crash could occur when body parts from two different dismembered bodies collided. Not the easiest thing to spot, but thanks to feedback such as "It occurred during a bombing run." and "I threw a grenade then crashed." the team were able to narrow things down, identify the problem and fix it! Also yes, this meant we spent co
  9. Hey everyone, Welcome to Dev Brief #92! This week we've got some good news on the infamous 'PHYSX' crash fix, a first look at some shiny new uniforms for the Tankers among us and an update on the 'Wilhelm Scream' competition! Before I hand over to Max and Spono who'll go into all the cool details, I just want to take the opportunity to relay the team's thanks for your patience, bug reports and understanding whilst we worked away on the crash fix. Every report we received helped us track down the root cause and, fingers crossed, address it. So, you're probably wondering what the cause was,
  10. Hey everyone, Welcome to Dev Brief #91! This week we're pleased to be sharing with you the updated roadmap for Hell Let Loose! For the grand reveal, as well as some extra details on what the team are working on thanks to your feedback I'll be handing over today's brief to Lead Developer Max. Enjoy! A Message From Max - New Roadmap! Hi everyone, We’re very excited this week to share our new roadmap with you as we lead up to Update 8. We also feel like the next update will be smaller and less content-rich in size - that is until we write down all the content to come. We hope you’re as ex
  11. Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #90! Today's Brief comes to you from Black Matter Dev Spono who brings with him an exciting opportunity... A Message From Spono - Let’s hear your Wilhelm scream! Hello everyone, Spono here. Start LOOSENING up those vocal chords! We are very excited to give our community an opportunity to become a larger part of Hell Let Loose. We’re asking those of you with some talent (or without any talent whatsoever!), to submit one or more of the following sounds in a YouTube video. This will then be considered for implementation into HLL, as well as sec
  12. They were some cracking matches the other night! Sounds like you'll give @dr beer face a run for his money as bullet magnet haha
  13. Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #89! This week we're taking a look at something we've seen mentioned a few times over on the forums and what will actually become even more important when bullet penetration arrives - Grass! Long grass, short grass, bushes, these features enable stealthy plays and approaches for all sorts of playstyles and can be crucial in making tough pushes or evading an enemy patrol. Because of this the team have been hard at work improving not only the quality and draw distance of our green features, but also that tasty optimisation! To
  14. I'm glad you're enjoying the server! Thanks for taking the time and letting us know, it's great to hear that people are enjoying HLL. Feel free to join us on discord too: discord2fjgclan.com
  15. Hey everyone, Welcome to Dev Brief #88! This week Max is back to give the first formal details on a new mechanic that will be coming to Hell Let Loose in Update 8 - Bullet Penetration! Now I'll hand over this week's brief to Max so he can go through things... Lead Developer Max - Bullet Penetration Details! Hi everyone, When approaching bullet penetration systems, we thought hard about what would make the difference to Hell Let Loose. Hell Let Loose is a huge game in scale, and a feature like bullet penetration - if made too complex or obscure - may make little to no noticeable differe
  16. Welcome Voxfree! Someone will drop you a steam friend request Drop by our discord for a few games.. looking forward to it
  17. Hey everyone, Patch 7 is live now! I know we've said this already, but we really want to reiterate how grateful we are for everyone's patience and feedback following Update 7's launch. It's really helped the Dev & QA process as we've worked to iron out the crash and FPS issues. Lead Developer Max will be taking the reigns for the Patch Notes themselves, detailing what you can expect from today's Patch as well as what we're working for upcoming Patches and the next Update. Oh and make sure you scroll all the way to the end... Patch Notes from Max Hi everyone, We hope you’ve had a g
  18. Hey everyone, Welcome to Dev Brief #87! We hope you've had a great week. Today Lead Developer Max is back with a locked in date for the second Update 7 Patch, as well as some exciting news on Bullet Penetration and Hurtgen Forest! I'll hand you straight over to Max now who has all the info: A Message From Max Hi everyone, In the wake of the free weekend and the huge expansion of the playerbase, we’ve been hard at work looking at the fundamental issues affecting players. The key ones we’ve been focusing hard on are: FPS dips and drops General performance issues (CPU and VRAM) CrashesWe
  19. Hey everyone, Welcome to Dev Brief #86! This week Lead Developer Max is here to discuss what we've learned and what we're working on following your feedback since Update 7 dropped. From bug fixes and crashes to meta-changes and role mechanics we're letting you know what the team are currently working on behind the scenes! Oh and make sure you scroll all the way to the end, we've got a little something new to show you... A Message from Max - Action Plan Hi everyone! We thought that it’d be useful to now update the community on our current action plans in as granular detail as possible so
  20. Hey everyone, Wow, what a week! With the arrival of Update 7 and an awesome Steam Free Weekend the team just wanted to take a moment to say... HELLO NEW PLAYERS AND WELCOME TO HELL LET LOOSE! Welcome to the frontline, it's great to have you with us! We've been blown away by how many of you joined us in the free weekend, smashing past our previous peak CCU record. It’s very exciting for us as a team to see the interest and engagement with the title, and it encourages us only to work harder to polish off the rough edges and continue to improve and expand the experience. We’re excited to
  21. Hi @Isooc! Look forward to playing with you. Hop on the discord when you're next on
  22. Hey everyone, Thank you for your patience whilst we worked on this Hotfix, the team have been working flat out to get it live and have already started work on a Hotfix v2 to address anything v1 misses and more. Below are today's Hotfix notes - The Hotfix will address the most common crashes, as well as include optimisation for Carentan that will improve frames across all machines. Optimisations for Carentan and all new assets present. Optimisations for player models (will list frames across all maps - especially in high population servers). High certainty fix for Client Crash 01 Speculativ
  23. Hey everyone, We hope you're enjoying Update 7 and battling through the streets of Carentan. The team have been hard at work combing through all of your feedback, from bug reports to your thoughts on the new features and changes that came with U7. Thanks to your bug reports the team were quickly drawn to FPS issues and game crashes reported in Carentan and in some cases, other maps. We're pleased to announce that Update 7 Hotfix v1 will go live tomorrow (Friday) morning BST. The main focus on this initial Hotfix will be: Optimisations for Carentan Optimisations for new assets Player mod
  24. Hey everyone, Welcome to Update 7: Battle of Carentan! We’re incredibly excited to launch this game-changing update today. This has been possible thanks to your continued support and feedback, thank you. There’s a lot of awesome new content, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, optimisation and more - So before you get stuck into finding out what’s new, check out the new Update 7 trailer below: Update 7 - Patch Notes Animation FPP Our entire first person perspective animations have been overhauled in two ways - first in all the un
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