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  1. It makes more of a difference in the grand scheme of things than you think it does. Some simple math. 20,000 miles per year, at lets say 20 mpg (good mid range fuel economy these days). Peak at 3.96/gal = $3,960 Prices as of the current time = $1,750 While this calculation assumes gas prices will stay fixed, and not fluctuate, it illustrates how much of an impact even a couple bucks extra can make a significant difference. That also fails to factor in the increase in shipping costs that affects everything from the price of eggs to the latest T.V. from Best Buy. Also, its down to $1.75 here. Thats at 33rd and Kelly for Admiral Ackbar.
  2. No self respecting Oklahoman would be seen in public without our assless chaps. The headgear is negotiable, but chaps are really mandatory.
  3. It is, but these newfangled horseless carriages are starting to crop up here and there. Caused a right uproar among the townsfolk.
  4. Small world I guess, thats like 3 miles from my house.
  5. I'll also point out we do now have an ARMA 3 server as well we're trying to get off the ground
  6. If any of you are willing to donate, I'd take any garands and k98's off your hands. Even a mosin M-44. I can't give you money for it, but I'd give it a good home
  7. Late 2015 or early 2016. Just depends on how fast things get done. They've talked time and time again that they DON'T want to release an unfinished, broken game so they have always held the right to delay. Only time will tell how that goes.
  8. I've got the freelancer and I like it. I haven't been able to fly it yet, but I think its got a great mix of size, weaponry and storage. I plan on using it to do a lot of exploring early in.
  9. The benefit for buying early was (and still may be) getting all the bonuses and goodies when certain stretch goals are hit for free. For example some of the things I've gotten since I registered early, is a free engine upgrade kit, two free main ship weapons, and an upgraded jump engine sensor package. Even the cheapest package makes you eligible for any perks that come after the time you register.
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