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  1. I figured I might jump in here to see if I can help. I personally have no vested interest in RO2 and I have not had any involvement in the management of map rotations or server functions for around 2-ish years other than creating admin groups and managing those as part of my former position as CO of the clan, so maybe I can be a little more objective about this than some of my compatriots. I have new ears in this discussion so I'm not going to be entrenched in any particular ideas or doctrines. So work with me Nipplestockings. Tell me what you want, and I will tell you what the clan can, and cannot/will not do in simple terms. First, I'll go over your original post. Krunch said this was probably a good idea and we will look into implementing this. So, it should be easily done. All of these members DO have moderator rights to the server of varying power levels. We've only had one major revision of moderatorship recently, and I won't comment on that here, because it concerns no one but the parties involved. They don't have the ability directly (I think, not 100% sure on this) to change the maps themselves. We had to limit this for a variety of reasons. One TWI never fixed manual map rotations. If an admin changes the map manually it breaks a bunch of stuff. It frequently crashes the server, delete all the bots, and make the map rotation gets stuck on the map you rotated to. This is why we can't just change the map if the same map comes up again after switching the map lists from night to day rotations. Secondly we had some members in the past editing the map list to suit their desires and only play the maps THEY wanted to play. It was better for everyone to consolidate control of the maps into a small number of people for these reasons. Dietl was one, and so was Joyce. Its more of a logistics matter than anything. This is easily doable, and Silence has already stated we will be adding Barrikady probably this weekend. So nearly everything on your first list has either been agreed to or explained. What are we still missing? As for you joining, please do not confuse us asking you to join as a plea for money. We are not in any danger of running out of funds. However it is a simple matter of accountability. If you want to exercise more control over the server, then we have to insist you join the clan. As most of you are volks, you've already been afforded an unprecedented amount of favor from our clan just because we wanted to recognize our frequent members. You already get to skip queue lines, you don't get booted to make room for members, and you get special recognition that you are regulars on our server and as such we listen to you more closely than we do random pubs. I know many of you have come to me directly in the last year or so for various reasons and I always made the time to speak with you instead of referring you to the regular forum channels as a generic pub would be. That was all done to recognize that you are a valued member of our community and as such you gained a special status for it. One which I daresay you all enjoyed in some fashion or another over your time as a Volk. However that does not mean we will simply hand over the keys to the car so to speak. Our server exists because of the blood, sweat and tears of many of us, not the least of whom was Dietl. He spent countless hours maintaining, policing and populating the server over the last 5 years, and large sums of money to the clan server costs. I have watched the server admin panel for years both at work and at home. Krunch has put in countless hours to make sure the servers are running properly and reacting to updates and problems as they arose. And every member of the 2.FJg has contributed time and money to the server to make it what it is. That means we're not willing to see our baby driven into the dirt by someone who gets overzealous. We have pages and pages of rules governing admin behavior, and we have tools and methods for ensuring compliance with those rules. Each and every member is carefully vetted to try and weed out those that we feel might abuse their positions, and we take that very seriously. As a Volk you really have no ties to the clan other than you like our server. You haven't invested time and money to police it. While I don't think anyone here in this thread would be a problem if you had admin powers, thats not to say that every volk would behave that way. A single abusive admin can ruin a server overnight. For everyone's sake there MUST be accountability. We have spent collectively thousands of dollars on this server over the last 5ish years. You'll have to forgive us for being stingy with who we let behind the wheel. I'm sorry it has to be that way, but its the unfortunate reality of the situation. So after that wall of text, please help me to understand what your grievances are. I can't guarantee that we will do what you want in all cases, but we WILL listen.
  2. Last few times we've bought, its been from here: http://www.sgammo.com/catalog/rifle-ammunition/8mm-mauser-ammo Added bonus, its an Oklahoma company, so delivery is usually cheap and fast. Sportsmansguide.com also has it quite often. Its old berdan primed stuff, so make sure you have a decent salts solvent to clean with after.
  3. Also I just realized I said I reload .45 and 8mm, meant to say .45 and 9mm. The 8mm mauser is too pricey for me to reload when I can just buy surplus
  4. Where do you get your powder from? I've been trying locally and Academy on broadway always seems to be out, and I didn't see any at the new Cabelas when I went over there. I hear H&H has some, but I haven't gotten that far south in the city recently. I mostly stick to edmond and quail springs.
  5. I looked into reloading .308 and the 8mm mauser, but it was just too prohibitive. I really only reload .45 and 8mm, and I have a guy at work do it for me
  6. Good 'ole intermediary rounds. 300m was the maximum intended range for the .30 carbine.
  7. It makes more of a difference in the grand scheme of things than you think it does. Some simple math. 20,000 miles per year, at lets say 20 mpg (good mid range fuel economy these days). Peak at 3.96/gal = $3,960 Prices as of the current time = $1,750 While this calculation assumes gas prices will stay fixed, and not fluctuate, it illustrates how much of an impact even a couple bucks extra can make a significant difference. That also fails to factor in the increase in shipping costs that affects everything from the price of eggs to the latest T.V. from Best Buy. Also, its down to $1.75 here. Thats at 33rd and Kelly for Admiral Ackbar.
  8. No self respecting Oklahoman would be seen in public without our assless chaps. The headgear is negotiable, but chaps are really mandatory.
  9. It is, but these newfangled horseless carriages are starting to crop up here and there. Caused a right uproar among the townsfolk.
  10. Small world I guess, thats like 3 miles from my house.
  11. I'll also point out we do now have an ARMA 3 server as well we're trying to get off the ground
  12. Their biggest sin was the ranked play. The ranked play killed all chances at modding because you have to get your mod whitelisted. Not ranked server = Dead server. It was entirely pointless since there wasnt really anything unlocked that was really worth ranking up. All it did was force their servers into a narrow channel of acceptability, at the expense of the modding community.
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