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  1. Ouija


    I still play, just not as much (life is busy). I think when helicopters are a thing the game will pick back up. The player base for the whole game has been weird for a few months with a short resurgence of old players when the did the whitelist mods for a trial period.
  2. Agreed, I was hoping for a more teamwork-based game. This just felt like a primitive battlefield game. It has potential but I'm going back to playing squad for now.
  3. So I quit playing squad to spend some time playing this game... Is anyone else disappointed in this game? The last update broke the game for me mechanics wise, and the games are just a bunch of people running around shooting. Anyone having better luck with it?
  4. takes a while to get that part down. once you do the game gets way more interesting
  5. Ouija

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. Finally joined. You'll see me in the Squad server, on the chance you haven't before. I'm 33, American, etc etc. Been gaming since well, my mother would vouch for me saying the late 80's lol. This will be the 2nd Euro/NA clan I've been involved with. Looking forward to more gg's. Cheers
  6. Ouija


    Does 2fjg ever play clan matches in squad or is it more casual games on the public server? I sometimes play on the server, was considering maybe joining or at least making a donation for the new year. Favorite server to play on, decent admins etc, figured I'd drop a note to say thanks while I'm here
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