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  1. FDC (13D, now 13J) here with the 'ole 13 Bravo as a secondary MOS. Currently sitting Battalion FDC Chief for my Brigade, thanks for the spot and may steel on steel always be in your future fellow Redleg!
  2. Hope you all are doing well, my name is Ninja, and I am a 23 year old Field Artillery Sergeant (also called Smoke) Serving in the United States Army. I bought Squad about a month ago when it was on sale, because I had being growing tired of the lack of decent Arma 3 communities, and wanted to test the waters on something new. I happened to chance by the 2.FJg server and noticed it was well populated and I had a decent ping to it, so I joined in. Over the past few weeks I have been able to play with and get to know wonderful members of this community such as Klas, Kibs, David Taylor, Punkin, Sabotage, Plan of Action, and many others. I became known in the server as either "That guy who does the Rick Sanchez impression too well" or "That crazy Sergeant who yells at us when we tactically f*ck up". Either way, I treat games of Squad just like I would any other combat situation, because good tactics and communication win wars. Speaking of wars, I am a combat veteran, who served with the 82nd Airborne on security and surveillance missions for 9 months in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2015-2016. After that deployment, I was offered to transfer to the National Guard, which I took, and then went on to become a Sheriff's Deputy for about two years. Now I'm still an E-5 for the National Guard, and a welder in the Civilian world who builds Aircraft Carriers for the US Navy. I tend to stay very busy, but when I get free time I enjoy using it to either play Squad, Arma 3, or Project CARS 2. If you ever come across me, don't be afraid to stop and say hello, or if you have any questions about the real military or law enforcement worlds, don't hesitate to ask, I always love getting to meet and chat with new people! Always Forward! Ninja
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