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  1. I know this isn't exactly the place to post this but since there is yet a Post Scriptum sub guess this will have to do. Just around 15 minutes before posting this I got into a match into an armored section and got into a Panther in the machine gun crew man seat. Before even getting into combat less than 5 minutes into the match, the leader of the Armored section who went by the the name of TBoy205, proceeded to kick me out the section without telling me, or the reason for it and then locked the section for him and the other 2 people in the sections some dudes using the tags "]CIA[" that went by "Sgt_Artyom" and "xerxz. The server, or admin or IDK posted an announcement saying not to kick people from from the armored section for their first vehicle, so I thought I was cool. But then I ended up getting kicked from the server for "Trolling and stealing crewman role." No one else that seemed to operate under an official role of your clan contacted me in the chat or in other way. I don't know what the cause of this was, but this seemed a bit unfair to me. The only indication of discontent was for mistaking the mistaking the name of the Panther for Tiger.
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