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    Howdy all.

    Hello troopers of the 2nd fjg. Long time server player but havent been clanned up for a good long time due to the boring realities of life. Have a bit more free time now and as im a bit sick of pug groups in squad I thought it was time for a bit of a change. A little about me, names Krank....not really obviously but you get the jist. I like things. Nothing specific, just things. I like video games. Also teamwork (not the video game) but teamwork in games which there is a serious lack of these days. Aint no place for Astartes like tactics in todays world. All us fleshy meat bags have to stick together. Anyway just worked a 12 hour nightshift, so im not even sure if im actually writing anything here or just having a extremely vivid waking vision........ Right! Im done!
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