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  1. Hey guys! We're going back into RS2: Vietnam with a server up! If anyone would like to hop on and play with us, feel more than welcome to do so. I'll see y'all on the rice fields!
  2. If you're interested, I'm currently in the process of organizing a HLL community event with people that actually communicate (WOW). If you are interested, head over to my post in the Hell Let Loose thread and comment your attendance!
  3. Hey y'all! It's Sab, again. I'm currently in the process of organizing a Hell Let Loose community event with the folks over at Easy Company. The event will be the Allied invasion of Normandy Beach on the map Utah. This event will be semi-historical and I would like to get a headcount of people who have HLL and would like to attend the event. This event will be taking place in about a month away from when this is posted. I need some people to help me test, setup, and of course attend the event! Please shoot me a PM over on Discord or just leave a comment underneath saying that you'll be able to join. Again, I would like to get a headcount and come out strong as a community (which we're slacking in). I hope to hear from a lot of you!
  4. EDIT: Thought you were talking about Squad and noy HLL oops. HLL is an alright game with a number of bugs here and there. It's very run and gun style, though. I'm quite disappointed that the devs strayed away from what they promised when it was in development.
  5. Good to hear! I sent you a friend request on Steam!
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