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  1. Not against helping, though I do work a lot, that is the only obstacle for me.
  2. Hello Everyone, You may have seen me in all my carefree goodness on Teamspeak at one time or another, usually at the request of that honorable gentleman Berkut. Can't wait to enjoy some games with everyone. Now sit back and relax while I take you on an intellectual journey through the amazing world of Tactical Teamplay, and their direct relevance to our waking lives. Resolution Games that require large amounts of teamwork like Squad are excellent demonstrations of a phenomenon within human populations, where cooperation is ordained through manifold organization. We can actually see the idea of manifold organization in all sorts of things, both simple, and complex. It is perhaps easiest to highlight the idea by referencing directly the organism which we all are. There you are, alive and sentient. You are capable of making judgement, having moral positions, feelings, and formulating complex ideas. Yet, underneath you are not so simple. Thousands of cells have grown in different ways for different purposes, and make up the constituent parts of your being. Skin, blood, organs, arms, legs, and even fingernails. Each serves a unique and important purpose which may or may not be immediately relevant (take for instance our left over intestinal appendage). In the event one or more of these unique parts is lost, our brain must reconfigure its perception to give us the maximum amount of utility and life. There are too, certain pieces of our whole which if lost, mean the end of our existence. This sort of organization is not so different than the world at large, and can be demonstrated quite well within the confines of Squad. The ability for either team to successfully complete its objectives is dependent on the smooth operation of each individual Squad Leader, Squad, and Squad Member. A single less than useful entity within this tiered organization can render the totality of the organization useless, or having to work harder to achieve the same goals. However, in the end, the resolution upon which we as a group ordain our success is ultimately resting on the individual. Much like your monitor screen, where thousands of individually colored and rendered pixels uniformly merge into a single picture, each individual takes on the role of one of those pixels. No matter how long, and how hard we study the collective group as a whole, generalizing its faults, ultimately it takes only the individual resolution to bring the whole thing tumbling down. This is where Squad Leaders play an understated role in directing the attitude and mood of the team. Inheritance In each Squad are nine members, including the Squad Leader. The man who holds this position is typically entrusted with their successful leadership. One can observe passively within Squad the quickness with which a frustrated Squad Leader can quickly lead his squad to disarray. His frustration is not isolated to him. Since the nine other members are relying upon his perspective to rule the day, when a Squad Leaders demeanor begins to show cracks, it permeates throughout the entirety of the structure. At first the SL will become frustrated, followed by two or three of his comrades, until finally the entire Squad Chat Channel is overwhelmed with frustration and desperation. Similarly, a small flame of doubt can come from within the Squad, and the SL's demeanor can be usurped, in which case quick action is needed to refocus the small group. Science too has taught us that human beings (especially children) are incredibly good at inheriting the traits of other individuals who we agree with, look up to, follow, or wish to be like. It is even highlighted by the old axiom: "Mimicking is the most sincere form of flattery." What is worse is that this form of inheritance is not only done internally towards oneself, but outwardly towards others. This can be demonstrated in stereotypes. This is shown in old propaganda, especially in both World Wars. The demonizing of your enemy begins immediately, and when done appropriately an entire population can become convinced of the traits which the propaganda exudes, and it is universal across all societies both totalitarian and libertarian alike. This too can be demonstrated within Squad, when a particular Squad, no matter how justified the criticism is, becomes the footstool upon which all other bodies blame for a loss. It can even happen to a Squad, who--out of no fault of their own--suffer A series of unfortunate events, and with each passing minute the other parties begin to demonize them, until finally the entire team is taking out their frustration upon them. Problem Solving Recognizing the first proposition, that a group of separated individual entities can form a manifold organization; and the second, that we have--almost always exercising--the ability to inherit the traits of an example onto the whole; it is amazing to me that we are capable of solving problems at all. Yet, this is exactly what we do on a day to day basis in Squad, and in our lives. We may not recognize that the individual who walked by us on the street in the afternoon is part of the manifold organization which we are all a part of; and yet we are faced with the fact that despite living seemingly separate and selfish lives, we operate as one consciousness. A consciousness that is capable of solving problems in an efficient and delineated fashion. The only thing left for mankind to discover, is the principle upon which we collectively operate. However, I will end my abbreviated thoughts here, and save that for another day. - Archimonday "Know first, that heaven and earth's compacted frame, flowing waters, the starry flame, and both radiant lights, one common soul inspires, feeds, and animates. This active mind, infused through all, unites and mingles with the mass: Hence men and beasts the breath of life obtain. And the birds of the air, The monsters of the main, the ethereal vigor is the same; and every soul is filled with equal flame."
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