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  1. Frumplequest

    Squad Server Seeding Rules

    Sounds good.
  2. Frumplequest

    Hello everyone!

    Hey mate, welcome. Look forward to seeing you around in TS.
  3. Frumplequest

    Howdy all.

    Welcome to the clan mate, looking forward to seeing you around on Squad and getting a few rounds in.
  4. Frumplequest


    Welcome to the clan mate, I'm sure we will find ourselves as the only ones left alive at one point.. as Medics tend to be...
  5. Frumplequest

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome mate, wouldn't worry too much as we have all done stupid things at one point or another Look forward to chatting to you on TS and seeing you in game soon.
  6. Frumplequest

    Hello Eh?

    Hey mate, Welcome. See you around on Squad some time.
  7. Frumplequest


    Welcome Ecko, Looking forward to seeing you around on TS and in-game some time.
  8. Frumplequest


    Welcome back, Hope to see you in Squad some time.
  9. Frumplequest


    Hey mate, Welcome! Hope to see you around.
  10. Frumplequest

    Hey Yall!

    Welcome to the clan, If you see me in TS feel free to drop by for a yarn.