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  1. I look forward to him carrying all the weight and taking all the blame. Congrats bud.
  2. Certainly planning on looking into it once we have the details of what can and can't be done.
  3. Hey @omegaphoenix068, Apologies for the situation. I was the kicking admin and had another supporting for evidence. Unfortunately we have had multiple cases of infighting over armored vehicle sections over the last few days. Typically the offender hops in the better vehicle after a member of the first section to the tank and refuses to leave. I was unfortunately leading a section so was unable to stop and have a full conversation. I will also admit full human error in that I was growing agitated with the situation happening multiple times a day. I should have tried to have the admin give you verbal warning as well, but it was my understanding that you had been informed of the situation. Also the message that I sent was the following: 07/22/2018 12:11 AM [2.FJg]Tennessee: Do not hijack crewman slots from the first squad at the vehicle. You will be kicked (broadcast by [2.FJg]Tennessee) It is clear that there was misunderstanding of the message I sent. We do allow SLs to kick members of the section. As it was TBoy205's section, he has the right to remove you from both the section and the vehicle. Apologies for the misunderstanding and hope you will continue to play with us in spite of the unfortunate event. I will make sure the log on the incident is modified to reflect that it was a simple misunderstanding.
  4. If yall do end up wanting to use a Nox, I have one... maybe two.... I can't remember... sitting around the hangar. Always happy to help out, or just drink beer and watch from my Phoenix.
  5. Great playing with you bud. Those last few rounds were a blast.
  6. Alcoholics Anonymous I believe. Although mine is far from anonymous.
  7. I'm planning on getting it once it goes full release.
  8. Tennessee88


    Just wanted to swing by and introduce myself to those of you I haven't met yet. Just joined up. 29 year old gentrified hillbilly from Knoxville, miserable Tennessee Volunteer football and prone to playing games a bit drunker than I typically should. Live in Washington, D.C. now and work in government. Was a longtime member of =]H[= for any old PR players around. Squad is my primary multiplayer game (Kickstarter backer) and Post Scriptum will soon compliment that. Look forward to meeting everyone.
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