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  1. Tennessee88

    Daymar Rally

    If yall do end up wanting to use a Nox, I have one... maybe two.... I can't remember... sitting around the hangar. Always happy to help out, or just drink beer and watch from my Phoenix.
  2. Tennessee88

    Hey all

    Great playing with you bud. Those last few rounds were a blast.
  3. Tennessee88


    Alcoholics Anonymous I believe. Although mine is far from anonymous.
  4. Tennessee88

    War of Rights

    I'm planning on getting it once it goes full release.
  5. Tennessee88


    Just wanted to swing by and introduce myself to those of you I haven't met yet. Just joined up. 29 year old gentrified hillbilly from Knoxville, miserable Tennessee Volunteer football and prone to playing games a bit drunker than I typically should. Live in Washington, D.C. now and work in government. Was a longtime member of =]H[= for any old PR players around. Squad is my primary multiplayer game (Kickstarter backer) and Post Scriptum will soon compliment that. Look forward to meeting everyone.