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  1. Here because Alex was talking about how hot you were. Disappointed you are average.

  2. @Tiger_lily It's the best patch until v13 and the PALADIN
  3. Hey def put this on discord next time too I didn't even know with my PC being down! :(
  4. Haha you do run meat shield SL very well
  5. What are you even talking about? I think I see the issue - we do not have rules against people kicking other players from their Squads. If you feel that you were kicked from your squad erroneously that is something you can discuss with your former Squad Lead in game. Additionally, you mention you were removed from the server and I do not see any kicks during a 3 hour period when you posted and your forum name isn't the same as your game name so posting here is perplexing.
  6. Welcome, look forward to seeing you out there. Feel free to hop on the ts even if you haven't gotten your tags yet and play with us! ts.2fjgclan.com
  7. Dang, thanks Jorgo thats some good intel.
  8. Always need more medics.
  9. See you on the battlefield dude.
  10. I think he's the @BostonMass replacement we all deserve
  11. Welcome. I've already told everyone how great you did as SL. Looking forward to having you around and there are quite a few Tarkov players here.
  12. Demonstratus

    Some badmins

    I would like to go out there and further say, LEP you reported things to me as well I passed it up the chain and I told you to trust the process. I cannot support you if your retaliating on this scale my dude. As an admin I will always try to take the "other guys" side as I did as an NCO in the Army to be the devil's advocate, but you are pushing past boundaries. Take a step back if you see this and if you are interested come back with an sincere apology.
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