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    Some badmins

    This is the second time this week that I have had a run in with admin abuse. The first which was dealt with a small slap on the wrist was an entire squad of 2fjg members and an admin trolling with a truck by blocking others. The second was today after I was insulted by a friend of the admin I responded with no profanity of any kind and was kicked for "excessive trolling". If this admin would like to respond in here and provide evidence of my "excessive trolling" please do so, otherwise I suggest they have their moderator power revoked since they are obviously incapable of controlling their emotions. Below are screenshots of the first incident where I have no only a name I have a map view as well of the trolling that took place from one of your lower members.
  2. Hey my name's Leprachaun/Lepracunt! I found this community while playing squad frequently. I'm 21 years old currently, I attend my local university and work 40 hours a week in a butcher shop. I play a shit ton of games including Squad, Overwatch, HOI4, EU4, FO4, Company of Heroes 2, Hearthstone, and league of legends. I am a vet to the squad community as I played Project Reality for 7 years prior as well as being a part of the closed Alpha and kickstarter campaign for Squad. I frequently play on 2FJg NA mixed and squad lead every time I'm on. Hopefully I can play with you guys more often and get to know the admins. See ya out there!
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