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  1. I played a bit more today, here are my thoughts. Pros The latency I was seeing last night was fixed. The game looks nice and the environments are well done and well thought out. The game servers didn't crash and I didn't have any client crashes. +100 points for this, well done on the stability front. This is a huge deal. Cons Movement is clumsy and slow. The head sway and lack of side strafing while running takes me right back to state of the art games...in 1998. No toggle for iron sights. This might be a deal-breaker for me. No team play. Voice chat is broken. You can't talk to some people on your squad or in local, and you get fun crosstalk with other servers. While on NA East this morning I was chatting with guys on an EU box, while other guys on my squad had no voice at all. No voice comms=no teamplay=no game. Menu system completely clunky and unpolished. Expected for an alpha, so I give them a pass on this. Remapping keys...or not. Again very early in dev, so they get another pass. No map view when downed to know if you should hold or release. Extremely wonky hit detection and damage mechanics. Bad hit/down animations. Weird view of enemies at range...strange visual artifacts going on. Not exactly sure what this is about or whats going on. This issue disappears when they are closer. Sounds are poorly compressed into a single maximized band. Lack of consistent display to show you in cap point/cap status. The grid-based cap system. Um...this is a placeholder, right? The whole game isn't going to be played on symmetrical checkerboards, right? I've participated in alphas before, and this one is...underwhelming. I wasn't expecting much at all, but they still managed to disappoint me. There is a long long way to go with this title to even get it to a beta. It will be interesting to see if the devs are able to get this title into shape before release or if they rush it out like some other devs do.
  2. Initial Impression: This is certainly a pre-alpha. They have a long way to go. Hopefully they'll get there. Good parts: Game is pretty. The fields and towns all are good looking. That's the end of the good parts. Movement seems sluggish. It's like the controls are drowned in thick pudding. You don't feel like you're actually in the world, it's like you're gliding around on the worlds slowest rollerskates. Hypnotic headsway while moving is annoying, I expect that will be fixed. Latency was terrible for firing weapons, game unplayable for me tonight. Even on the lowest ping server (80 to me), it was taking more than a second for the game to realize I pulled the trigger and fired. Not even worth trying to play for me like that, will attempt again later. Hopefully it's just teething problems for the alpha server and not something more serious. Overall, very underwhelmed for my first brief encounter.
  3. Our group of 4 took down a skull fort alone. It was a pretty long grind. The upside was we never saw another person and we got all the treasure back and sold it no problem. So much treasure.
  4. I've got it, but haven't had much chance to do anything with it yet.
  5. Buyer beware. The game has quite a few bugs. I haven't played it, but I have a friend who said it has some real potential but for now has uninstalled it until the devs fix some game-breakers. A different review: Good, but wait for sale.
  6. Better do it fast, the beta closes tomorrow at 8am GMT.
  7. Gaglug

    newbie here

    Fox's Pleasure Palace? When the MTLB's rockin, don't come knockin.
  8. Gaglug

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    My favorite thing about ARMA is the Zeus stuff. The ability to create and direct a co-op (vs AI) scenario on the fly is just super cool.
  9. It had been so long since I logged in to that not-yet-a-game, I had forgotten which ships I had. Turns out I have a Cutlass(black) and an Avenger Stalker.
  10. Gaglug

    Heya all!

    Thanks for the welcome, guys! I too have random duck facts, but they're really not "fun facts". They're more along the lines of "Cannot be unseen" type of facts. So...I got that going for me.
  11. Gaglug

    Heya all!

    Hey all! I guess I'm the new guy around here now. I've been pubbing on the server as Monkey, you may have seen me around here and there(or might have seen me around back in the RO days, I played a fair amount back then). I'm looking forward to running with you folks.
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