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  1. I know some of you were wondering about having the chance to support Hell Let Loose and participating in the Alpha at the end of March, I have received the answer in my email, posted below is the quote from my email , in it you will find the link to the Black Matter Studios portal.
  2. The Bloody Seventh, 2018 update video by Luetin09
  3. More info videos by N.O.X Cooperative
  4. Some interesting insight on HELL LET LOOSE vs POST SCRIPTUM Video!
  5. Update Video on the Bloody Seventh game, its looking good.....enjoy!
  6. ShotgunRCAF

    Had a bad day

    It first started with the driver of a full troop transport not looking at his map and driving over one of my mines, then as I have done in the past, with success, I planted a Bomb close to our radio and hab in case we got over run by the enemy so I could detonate it on the request of the Squad Leader........Yesterday just didn't go my way, after respawning I placed another bomb at the enemy hab and was killed during the process ( the cross bone scull was on the map where I placed it), when I spawned again I detonated thinking I was taking down the enemy hab, but instead it detonated the one in the friendly fob, thank god no one was killed but we had to rebuild the radio, I will not be using this tactic in the future, I promise .................MY BAD, so I decided I should post this to apologize to the community. NOT a good day!
  7. ShotgunRCAF

    My Generation

    IS GENERATION ROCK & ROLL ........Born and bred
  8. Thank you for your service Cosby, I myself am a Retired veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, I never got to Afghanistan or Iraq But my Brother did. Love the G36, one of my favorite in game weapons
  9. Hey Ryan, I am new too, welcome to the jungle
  10. Glad everyone likes it, see you on the Battlefield....Hooah!
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