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  1. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Hello Eh?

    Welcome man.
  2. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome dude, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  3. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    New Squad CO - MadLocoCoco

  4. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Engineering manual (squad)

    @Jorgo I've moved your topic to the actual squad forum because its more appropriate here, the Engineering section of the forums is more for how the server operates, white list, admin cp, map rotation ect. Interesting read I'd be curious to see another slide show! I feel like some of those tactics would certainly work!
  5. Sgt.Major-Mutt


    @6 million pies Please use the proper ban appeal application found here. I've locked this thread because the application must be filled out, a game admin (MP) will review your case. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Admin complaint

    @omegaphoenix068 Hey dude, Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. I've split your post into a thread in the proper category of the forums. A game Admin will comment shortly. Take care.
  7. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Please Read - Welcome to 2.Fjg

    Welcome to 2.Fjg We encourage all new enlisted members to introduce themselves, we are a tightly nit community that's been around for many years. We continue to expand and grow our organization branching off into many different games with the help of people just like you! If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message. All members are treated with respect and expect the same in return. We also encourage the use of these forums, don't be shy create a topic or post to one, being active on the forums is a good way to show face and it allows other members to get to know you better. In closing - we hope you enjoy your experience here at 2.Fjg and we look forward to seeing you in game. feel free to leave us your feed back! -Kind regards- 2.Fjg
  8. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Battlefield 1 hardcore server.

    I personally would love a Battlefield server, really enjoy the franchise. If we did go that route as Peacekeeper mentioned we would need to recruit a decent amount of members to make it a viable option.
  9. Sgt.Major-Mutt


    Welcome aboard!
  10. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Waffle who? Ohh another FNG

    Welcome to the team.
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    Heya all!

    Welcome dude!
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    I own it as well, the game is already but dominate need a team to make a play. I feel like we could dominate a server.
  13. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    What's up!

    Welcome aboard you faackin stud, nice avatar.
  14. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Call of War - Strategists wet dream!

    @PlaceboJeffect-Sldt Never heard of that game before though it could definatly be a good option. As you mentioned the fact of COW being free to play is a huge factor. It is honestly a really good game.
  15. Sgt.Major-Mutt

    Call of War - Strategists wet dream!

    (F2p) Call of War 1942 - Briefing For those of you who aren't familiar Call of War is a campaign based online multiplayer strategy game that takes place during World War II. Each game consists of players choosing a nation and controlling every discussion from politics, construction, resource management right down to war! Build your nations infrastructure to facilitate war on other nation-states to reshape the world as we know it. This game is very unique in its play-ability everything is done in real time, campaigns can take weeks to finish. In game however there is a lot of downtime when you send your troops abroad travel time is real and should be taken seriously before you decide to send an armata across the pacific ocean to wage-war. Once the game is in motion it never stops regardless if your online. On average checking the status of your nation every 12 hours is a good idea to see if anyone is trust-passing into your territory. You will need to build an Army, Navy & Air force to be successful in this game. Reconnaissance planes are essential to an eye on those lurking neighbors, best build up a bomber quadrant encase they make the first move, might delay their advance till an armored regiment can intercept them. The technology tree in this game is wicked going from Recon-Bi planes right down to nucular bombers and aircraft carriers. Yes, that's right! There's nukes and aircraft carries. Each territory produces a resource which your nation can use, you can also buy and sell through trade agreements in-game with other nations, become trade partners or allies and conquer. The political environment in this game is very real and should not be under-estimated, the true power of persuasion is key to securing your future in the late game. Call of War is great for casual part time play with short gaming sessions between your primary games. Call of war has captured arguably the most strategic online game I've come across yet. As a community we could either join a public match or create a private one. I think it would be really fun to have this game going on as a side note in the background adding to our community immersion, everyone can take part regardless of time zone. If you have any questions I encourage you to ask, I really hope this gains some traction because I know you guys will love this game once you actually start playing. You can find this game independently or through steam. (Its new to steam so the download may not work) Click here Best regards, Ryan