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    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    Hello, Recently I've been wanting to get back into Arma 3 MILSIM. I've played Arma 2 and Arma 3 with a few units in my past. I loved them all. Within the Arma 3 modding community there's been a few WW2 mods that have been released. GEIST-A3, Iron Front, Faces of War, etc. All these mods have GREAT Fallschirmjager units, weapons, and ranks. I was thinking of 2.FGg and its possibilities within the Arma 3 MILSIM Community. I think that if we could get a server and weekly missions, meetings, etc, set up I think we could get a lot more unit members and current members more active? Just thought I'd put out a post and get peoples ideas and opinions. Thanks! [2.FJg]Splat-Schtz
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